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Prices are low and where ever your mask difference?

by:Zanyu     2020-12-01

autumn arrived, did you feel the skin very dry mania? Not only must fall, people's skin whitening the skin, now must also be moisture to cough up! Because the autumn temperature dry mania, a large number of sweat is much, so many water and nutrient outflow, plus ultraviolet damage to the skin also than other interests, so apart from usual care, for the skin to improve the quality of medical care is sure to. What on earth are so low and expensive mask differences? Now let the mask manufacturers to tell everybody.

if can be in the first 3 items can be found in the facial mask often pay attention to the key components, then the means of a key ingredient contains density also is very good. In addition, all the ingredients, contains the composition of the type is lower, for skin tolerance with poor people, also is worth buying, due to the extra easy sensitization ingredients such as preservative, asphalt emulsifier, relativity will be a little less, the damage to the skin will be relative smaller.

they say you get what you pay for, get rid of the artificial service, operating costs, raw materials, packaging, vendors still have to earn money. The owner how to make money? There is no doubt that is based on material above laid hands on him. Key by general facial mask, moisturizing hydrating ingredients, preservatives, and its effect. A mask of the heart, look at the three component basis to distinguish.

1, cheap moisturizing hydrating ingredients

usually cost-effective mask selection were mostly all butanediol, glutaric alcohol this cheap moisturizing hydrating, long-term applying this moisturizing factor, skin will have a burning sensation.

2, cheap preservative

cost-effective mask selected preservatives is generally all neper gold esters, imidazole alkyl urea, ureide within the DMDM b, long-term application of this kind of preservatives, can cause the skin is sensitive, pigmentation, speed up the recession.

3, preservatives = role ingredients

looked at the reports, some stores to poor, do quickly spot whitening effect, and then add preservatives in OEM skin care products, such as white and blue preservatives can do false white effect, which must be combined with only a little can quickly keep spot whitening effect, and relative cheap price.

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