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Production Process

Storage and inspection of raw

materials or packaging materials

1. Raw materials, packaging materials storage


In order to apply the freshest, high-quality raw materials, the inventory is minimized, every day, every week, every month the company will directly scrap raw materials. Packaging materials, too, through the timing of quantitative supply management, to prevent the supply of excess caused by poor finished products, while a small amount of supply but also to ensure the freshness.

2. Pre-storage inspection


In order to ensure the procurement of raw materials, materials, packaging materials quality, requires suppliers to provide factory inspection report by the quality control department for each batch inspection, inspection of raw materials include: color, aroma, feel and other aspects of the appearance of the test, and in order to prevent microbial contamination and microbiological testing, but also the use of a variety Detection of packaging materials: mainly on the appearance inspection, size, color, surface flatness, print quality, tightness testing. Pump head, nozzle type packaging materials will be carried out from the spray test, sealing, durability and peel detection.


3.Raw material metering


In order to produce semi-finished products qualified, in strict accordance with the need for a single ingredient and the production process of raw material measurement, measurement of raw materials have a person to review the record and then a computer system control, type of raw materials, weight, batch will be systematically recorded and saved to the database. And after the measurement will print detailed measurement information into a bar code attached to the material, in order to manage the use of raw materials information.

4. Manufacture of semi-finished products


Raw materials will be reconfirmed by the metering bar code scanning manner, and then in strict accordance with the requirements of the formulation process is added to the emulsification pot, formal production, cosmetics production generally include: dissolution, emulsification, dispersion, cooling, filtration and other processes, semi-finished products production after completion of the sample by the quality control unit for the appearance, aroma, viscosity.


5. Semi-finished products filling


In order to remove any foreign matter in the packaging container, the container is dry-cleaned with a cleaning gas, and then sterilized by ozone, ultraviolet light, etc. The container is selected according to the material characteristics of the appropriate equipment for production.


6. Microbial testing


This testing is to ensure the basic aspects of product quality, not only in the raw materials, products microbiological testing, and even control the air in the workshop and microorganisms on the human body, in advance to consider, solve problems that may occur in the use of customers, enhance customer trust. Microbial testing mainly includes the following stages: sampling → testing preparation → microbial testing → training → determination testing report, through this inspection, to ensure that the products are shipped qualified products.


7.Appearance inspection


In order to check the finished and semi-finished bottles, personnel conduct an appearance inspection for color, aroma, feel, design and other aspects from the consumer's point of view and then evaluated directly, according to the company's outbound management system. In addition to the physical, chemical aspects of the test must be qualified, the appearance of the inspection results should be qualified.

8. Product deliver


All bottle inspection products are qualified to be out of the store, the store will communicate with customers before shipping notes and selection of high-quality transport service providers for transport, to ensure that products in transit to be effective protection and safe arrival.

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