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Protect skin to taste - men and women Cosmetics co-packer

by:Zanyu     2020-10-18
Protect skin to taste - men and women Cosmetics co-packer guangzhou processing factory to understand: according to a report in the British economist 'men to have right and female to protect skin to taste the same product' Hero has a web site to the Clean issue such advice. California state university professor Elizabeth sweet ( 伊丽莎白甜) When shopping in California, accidentally discovered Hero Clean launched a note in a series of skin care products for men. 'Don't draw on soft packing bottle on the dog, baby, and the dew ying ying of the grass. 'Only a small part of the product is according to different gender. Western school of another gender expert lisa wade ( 丽莎韦德) Said: 'any skin to gender. 'However, unnecessary gender project is expanding. Q - TIPS are now offer some men's top cotton swabs of the amount of ears, because these men with women out of wax swab out not to come out. California's Daisy Rock company selling a painted with pink glitter coating to women of the guitar. For those who think orange packaging too feminine men, sunscreen brand 'banana boat song' launched a black bottle of sunscreen. Sweet, said beauty products are usually neutral after the 1950 s, turned to the gender of products marketing. One theory is that, because more and more men and women began to do the same thing, at the same university, for example, in the same work and household chores, marketers can smell the chance to attract older population for differentiation. Cosmetics OEM generation of processing said: some enterprises even trying to provide women with the same products, the price is higher. In 2015 in New York City to do a market survey found that women's price of the product at the time of the price is higher than two 5. But now many sexual gender products is to provide male consumers. Black canned food enterprises Powerful Yogurt to start producing high protein of Yogurt. New Zealand bottles of iced coffee maker mammoth in prompting the male consumers to accept the new round of family their packaging products. 'Don't just clean the residual stains; Eliminate them. Don't just do the housework; Destroy them. 'Bulldog moisturizer sell Skincare for men. Other companies are more carefully. Since last year's complaints after sex symbol, American retailers set, 目标) Removed from the children's products and toys category this logo. Operating health care products of the company and its brand the Clean & amp; The Clear even in marketing begin to pay close attention to the gender categories. Many consumers are resisting this gender difference. On the amazon website, Bic for its ehrs page under a sarcastic comment, said in addition to the pink to purple, it's pen and others. One commenter said his wife wants to use his men keyboard in a coma, until he awakens her with smelling salts. Men may come from Mars, women may be from Venus. But when it comes to pen, seems to agree that everyone can use a gender.
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