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Protect skin with what brand of skincare products good pregnant women pregnant women not forget eye care

by:Zanyu     2020-11-07
As the legend of 'blue sea', the audience was quan zhixian circle powder, especially in the first episode, to look for the lines not only make Li Minggao magistrate let her starring, seconds kill a boys and girls. Unexpectedly postpartum quan zhixian with clear eyes and firming eye skin, eye visible how important maintenance. Eye care for pregnant mothers, but also is of crucial importance. Not skin care during pregnancy is equal to thirteen years under the reality of aging and fragile easy to aging eye skin more became the first easy to aging, therefore it is imperative to maintain eye. Then the eye care how to do? Eye care four steps away, expectant mothers to learn quickly. Pregnant mother eye to maintain the first step: eye also want sunscreen sunscreen is one of the important step to keep the skin looking youthful forever. Eye skin is thin and tender, and is easy to be hurt, so pregnant mother must not ignore eye ministry is prevented bask in. But given that pregnant women can't use sunscreen, so is a good choice with sunglasses + supports parasols such physical sunscreen to focusing on the eye. In addition, daub when pregnant mother can also go out rice segregation frost this kind of pregnant women to strengthen eye prevent bask in segregation frost. Pregnant mother eye maintenance step 2: pay attention to clean eye week skin eye will accumulate dirt, plus segregation frost if pregnant mother be wiped out, the more should pay attention to eye skin clean. Cleaning is the first step of OEM skin care, pregnant women believe that pregnant mothers have consensus. Pregnant women with mild cleanser, such as bean milk cleanser clean around the eyes, with the skin to breathe, can also help eye care product eye skin to better absorb nutrients. Pregnant mother eye maintenance step 3: don't ignore the maintenance of upper eyelid eyelid is a lot of people will ignore the maintenance parts, but the ageing of the upper and lower eyelids are synchronous, drooping eyelid skin maintenance will not, in turn, relaxation, so the maintenance of upper eyelid is equally important. Pregnant mother in pregnant women use eye cream and don't forget to care for upper eyelid skin, if conditional pregnant mother can choose pregnant women dedicated mask get do eye focus maintenance, 2 times a week, of course, daily OEM skin care eye cream, eye gel is little not. Pregnant mother eye maintenance step 4: before sleeping, try not to drink too much water was drunk before sleeping can easily lead to the second day eye edema, so pregnant mother before going to bed half an hour to try not to drink water, if feel thirsty to drink a small amount of water, appropriate and pay attention to adjust the pillow to the right height, it can effectively eye dropsy. If woke up the next morning the eye appears edema, chilled milk ice are available, and can effectively relieve dropsy of stopping.
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