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Regroup, the god of sandalwood essential oil

by:Zanyu     2021-07-01
Everything in the world has an aura. No matter what it is, as long as it exists in this world, it is alive and spiritual. Many people say that living in a big city is so difficult, yes, because everyone wants to squeeze into the big city, and even if they squeeze their minds, they want to come in. After I came in, I discovered that almost everyone has this experience, the pressure is getting greater and greater, the thinking becomes more and more dull, and people are getting tired. Through investigation, it is found that sandalwood essential oil has the effect of relaxing, calming and relieving mental stress. Therefore, many cosmetic processing factories in Guangzhou have started the competition of sandalwood essential oil. In recent years, more and more people love sandalwood essential oil. How attractive is sandalwood essential oil? Since ancient times, sandalwood has held a sacred position in the hearts of Chinese people. In history, the furniture in the dynasty was designated to be made of old sandalwood. The emperor’s study and bedroom continued to burn sandalwood. Inhaling sandalwood and sitting on sandalwood can increase aura. Later, it spread to the people. All business owners would burn sandalwood in the store to attract wealth and avoid evil spirits, which would make their popularity flourish and their business would grow bigger and bigger. Sandalwood is indispensable for worshipping and offering to the Buddha. It can be seen that sandalwood is widely used. The fine sandalwood essential oil must be extracted from the core material of Indian trees more than 30 years old. It is usually watered by a girl with the right hand, as if it were a god. The unique sweet and gentle scent of sandalwood makes people uncontrollably remove their disguise and become childlike innocent and relaxed. Not only is it good for the skin, but it also has a certain physiological effect. How should we use sandalwood essential oil? 1. Neck care. Drop sandalwood essential oil into an appropriate amount of lotion to make a neck cream. 2. Reduce the exposure of microvessels in facial skin. Put a drop of sandalwood essential oil in the wash water every day when washing your face. Use a towel to invade and massage your face, which can reduce the exposure of facial skin capillaries. 3. Impotence: Apply to the reproductive organs to regulate the secretion of hormones. 5 drops of sandalwood + 5 ml of base oil. 4. Women bathing: improve sexually transmitted diseases, purify sexual organs, and promote vaginal secretion. 3 drops of sandalwood + 3 drops of benzoin + 2 drops of rose 5. Skin care: Skin massage can eliminate dryness, peeling and dry skin, and soften the skin. Lotion 50ml + 5 drops of sandalwood + 3 drops of lavender + 2 drops of geranium. 6. Respiratory system: Steam inhalation is effective for bronchitis caused by chest infection, sore throat and dry cough caused by lung infection. 2 drops of sandalwood + 1 drop of myrrh + 2 drops of lavender. 7. Relax emotions: incense can soothe nervous tension and anxiety. 3 drops of sandalwood + 3 drops of frankincense + 2 drops of rose. 8. Improve the symptoms of insomnia and dreaminess. Put 1-2 drops of sandalwood essential oil on a small cotton ball and put it in the pillow. 9. Recruit wealth and ward off evil spirits. Drop sandalwood essential oil into the essential oil pendant and bring it on your body or into the incense lamp on the storefront and on the car, which can attract wealth and ward off evil spirits. In this world, everyone has become so difficult, because to live, to support the family, you must maintain a full spirit every day, sandalwood essential oil is your choice.
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