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Reject dry skin in winter and spring, an effective natural hydrating method

by:Zanyu     2021-07-03

  Winter comes to spring, winter is coming to an end, the temperature will gradually rise in spring, and the skin on the face will become dry and dry all at once. Reject dry skin in winter and spring. Look at the more effective natural moisturizing methods.

  1, use a steam towel

   steam towel can keep the skin vitality at all times, and can improve the dull complexion caused by blood circulation and metabolism. Put it in the microwave and heat it up and apply it on your face.

  2, apply cucumber to the face

   Cut the cucumber into thin slices and apply it on the face, which can effectively moisturize and replenish in autumn. Although this method is simple, it is suitable for pregnant women. It is definitely a more effective way to compare nature's winter and spring hydration.

  3, add more vitamin C

   In addition to applying the face, of course, it is necessary to start moisturizing from the root cause, and pregnant women themselves should eat more vitamin C, why Eating more vitamin C can effectively replenish water? This is because vitamin C can accelerate the synthesis of collagen in the body and effectively resist melanin production.

  4. Do more massages

   In fact, sometimes the dry face is closely related to the lack of blood circulation on the face. Pregnant women can do more facial massages when they are free. To promote blood circulation in the face.

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