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Reveal plant cosmetics processing insider

by:Zanyu     2020-10-19
Reveal cosmetics processing plants growing inside China's cosmetics market, all kinds of cosmetics, numerous, what kind of cosmetics relatively safer? Many people will answer, of course, is a plant-based cosmetics safety. Processing plant cosmetics really is a natural safety? This beauty cosmetics processing plants expert 1. Plant-based cosmetics and chemical plant of the difference between cosmetics and chemical makeup, the differences between individual thought mainly lies in the raw material composition and product will. Pay attention to use data index of the chemical cosmetics, usually use high-tech means and synthetic chemistry, makes every effort to solve the various problems in the skin in a short time. Usually, we can see that the cosmetics on the marketing campaign, with continuous use how long, can achieve what kind of effect, such as speech. Plant-based cosmetics after is cure, that is more focused on cosmetics plant nutrients, to regulate the basal layer of skin, improve skin's own repair function, let skin repair perfect. Which regulate the process of repair is relatively long, although the cycle of a bit, but the ingredients are extracted by plants safety components, such as salicylic acid, antioxidant green tea, natural is safer than chemical makeup. 2. Plant-based cosmetics is really pure plant without adding? Now a lot of cosmetics slogan mostly with natural plant without adding a similar language, is really not add? The answer is, that's impossible! How come no added? If not adding additives, even if the plant ingredients extraction technology content high, also cannot make in combination with the oil and water are not isolated, unable to keep the product at room temperature is not bad, and so on. At present, we often say no to add, mainly is for preservatives, fragrance, alcohol, artificial color, etc. Other can do not to add, but, some add is inevitable. , for example, if there is no added preservatives, the product will become a bottle of germiculture agent, if direct slap on the face, is there any moment. There is no perfect thing, so for plant-based ingredients in cosmetics, as long as meet the national inspection standard, is suitable for your skin characteristics, there is no need to nervous too irresistible to boycott.
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