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Say goodbye to the housewife's hands and transform yourself into a noblewoman how to take care of the hand skin

by:Zanyu     2021-06-29
The weather is dry in autumn and winter, and the hands, as the second face of a woman, also need to be carefully cared for. Some pregnant mothers have chapped and peeled skin everywhere in the winter. In daily life, what methods can be used to nourish the hand skin?    1. Control the frequency to remove dead skin. There is actually no difference between the skin on the hand and the skin on the face. , The hands will also produce dead skin. If the dead skin is not removed from the hands for a long time, the hands will be rough. Therefore, the hands need to be exfoliated once a week. The exfoliating scrub is applied to the skin of the hands, and then the hands are crossed and rubbed and massaged, so that the dead skin of the hands can be effectively removed. Become tender and slippery.  Second, apply hand cream frequently for care  The hand skin does not secrete oil frequently to protect the hand skin, so many people's hands become dry and rough in the dry season. Therefore, in the dry season, you need to frequently use hand cream to moisturize the skin of your hands, so that you can effectively dry your hands. Tip: When applying hand cream, massage the hand skin as much as possible, so that the hand skin can quickly absorb the hand cream, so as to better moisturize the hand skin. 3. Pay attention to the strength of hand cleansing. In the dry season of winter, the hands are already dry. Therefore, at this time, there can be no alkaline hand sanitizer or soap with strong cleaning ability, although this can clean the hand skin very well. , But it will take away the moisture of the hand skin, resulting in dry and rough hands. Therefore, in the dry winter, you need to use a mild hand sanitizer or neutral soap to wash the skin of your hands. 4. Apply vitamin E to massage. Vitamin E has good moisturizing and anti-aging effects. Therefore, people with dry and rough hands in winter can choose a vitamin E capsule, then use small scissors to cut the capsule to take out the vitamin E liquid, and apply the vitamin E on it. Hands, and then massage the skin of the hands until the skin of the hands fully absorbs vitamin E. This can improve the dryness and roughness of the hands in winter for a week. In the image of ancient Chinese poems, slender jade hands have almost become the basic standard for beauties. When taking care of facial skin during pregnancy, mothers should never forget the nourishment and repair of hands, only from the inside to the outside. Only by the moisturizing and curing, can it be called a beautiful woman during pregnancy.
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