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Select the mask a few points of the OEM

by:Zanyu     2020-11-22

many OEM skin care brand, the company have own factory, assembly workshop, so this type of brand cosmetics, the company as far as possible to find related mask OEM factory, our country protect the mask numerous OEM manufacturers, overwhelmed, each said itself have an advantage, itself can manufacturers of goods with the international famous brand contest, and global convergence, raw material immediately and foreign agents to buy immediately, so exactly which factory did like he used to say? Why there are so many consumers are always looking for the excellent OEM manufacturing factory, but again and again to chilling out? Give everyone here, a choice of skin care products OEM factories is important to note several difficulties.

1。 Study, the retail industry has many middlemen, the price of the middlemen is generally high, quality is difficult to guarantee, thus to manufacturing production OEM cosmetics study cosmetics factory as far as possible.

2。 Research mask have OEM factory laboratories, research and development department, many cosmetics factory don't have the laboratory and the research and development department, as manufacturers generally all is other lab factory bought some ancestral secret recipe conformist production and processing, new product development of science and technology innovation ancestral secret recipe of professional ability, so that the factory are within 3 years, 5 years production and processing the same ancestral secret recipe of goods.

3。 Ancestral secret recipe guy in new product development research, excellent team, some OEM cosmetics factories have laboratories, but there is no clerk, new product development, excellent team, they have a project engineer, but can this kind of project engineer is also simple analysis to purchase home ancestral secret recipe conformist production and processing, the real guy in new product development is supposed to have a new product to develop new ancestral secret recipe, professional science and technology innovation ability, rather than simply read ancestral secret Fang Chan at present stage.

4。 Laboratory equipment, production equipment, advanced laboratory equipment management decision is a cosmetics factory could new product development the new ancestral secret recipe one of the important factors; Assembly shop production equipment is an important factor to damage skin care products feel, appearance, so choose the mask in OEM factory need to see if the factory machinery and equipment.

5。 Assembly workshop, the OEM skin care products for assembly workshop requirements although there is no drug assembly workshop is so high, but the country of production of OEM skin care products assembly workshop is sure to request, such as gas exhaust pipe elements of slime water content, a drain equipment must conform to the requirements, the assembly shop don't have to be pretty big, but be sure to complete machinery and equipment.

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