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Selected for pregnant women to protect skin to improve skin maintains efficiency at night

by:Zanyu     2020-12-09

it is well known that night was the golden age of skin repair, want to get more better improve, let skin can present a better state, the next day must do maintenance care at night. So how to maintenance work at night?

if you want to achieve better maintain the skin condition, clean the skin is the precondition of maintenance effect add by night. Attached on the face of dirt and residual makeup during the day, easily blocked pore, make pore becomes bulky, hinder the absorption of the skin, so at night it is important to effectively clean. Many workplace pregnant mother need to wear makeup to work for the sake of etiquette image, you need discharge makeup thoroughly after I come home from work, pregnant women makeup water temperature, and no stimulation, excellent cleaning effect, can thoroughly remove facial makeup is tasted, ensure no makeup product residue on her face. Use discharge makeup water reoccupy after cleanser appropriate for your skin to undertake deep-seated cleanness, you also need to make regular chamfer simple work, so that more conducive to the regeneration of skin epidermis.

muscle at the bottom of the power and the skin absorption of pregnant women dedicated to protect skin to taste the power, so using import nutrients has helped to protect skin to taste, the essence of the excretion of toxins and improve skin repair power products was the key to improve maintenance efficiency at night. Such as brand by raising repair facial oil, can repair skin gold during the night time the skin of short term and long term flaws, make skin become renew the shining brilliantly. In addition, the cosmetic oil can improve the sensitivity of skin, also can increase the effect of lotions, creams, etc, make the skin more get twice the result with half the effort.

massage can promote cell metabolism, accelerate blood circulation, so that pregnant women dedicated to protect skin to absorb more quickly. Pregnant mother when I was in the use of essence products must match massage, let all the nourishment essence absorb to the skin, and massage for the skin for a long time to also can have certain lifting and firming effect.

the night is the skin repair regeneration peak, so on the choice of skincare products should choose moist degree is high, the effect of repair products, avoid skin moisture loss. Suggest use essence products first, and then superimposed cream, deep moisturize and lock water moisture, repair the role.

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