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Sensitive pregnant muscles have many problems in winter, a guide to skin care for pregnant women

by:Zanyu     2021-06-07

   No OEM skin care during pregnancy, 13 years old. According to the skin specialist, after a woman enters her pregnancy, her body undergoes great changes, and the natural aging rate is equal to the 13-year natural aging process. Anyone who loves beauty does not want to experience a pregnancy, but only sees himself for 13 years, so they pay special attention to skin management. How should pregnant mothers take care of their skin in winter?

  ◆Dry skin

   In winter, the weather is dry, and expectant mothers with dry skin are more likely to have dry skin. In addition to paying attention to cleansing your face, you should also do better moisturizing measures. You can make a moisturizing mask once a week to maintain healthy skin metabolism. Recommend homemade masks, such as soy milk moisturizing mask, raw materials natural, mild in nature, moisturizing and moisturizing, use more. In addition, every morning and evening OEM skin care must insist on choosing some lotions or creams to lock the skin moisturized. In addition to using skin care products, pregnant mothers also need to drink plenty of water, eat more fresh, vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables, to replenish moisture from the inside of the body, so that the skin can get moisturized from the root and say goodbye to dryness.

  ◆Acne acne

   Some pregnant mothers did not develop acne before they became pregnant, but they grew after pregnancy. They were very depressed. This is actually a normal situation, because the fat glands are stimulated by hormones during pregnancy, and the face is more oily than usual. In addition, pregnant mothers are under heavy pressure in life and work, and acne will continue to appear. Pregnant mothers should not apply some anti-acne products. It is recommended to take scientific skin care methods and supplement with diet therapy to solve the problem of acne.

  ◆Long spots

   The appearance of pregnancy spots is due to the increase of melanocyte-stimulating hormone secreted by the pituitary gland during pregnancy, as well as a large amount of progesterone and estrogen, resulting in the function of melanocytes in the skin Enhanced. Some can disappear naturally after the pregnant woman finishes giving birth. To help you recover well after childbirth and ensure a good sleep, it is recommended that pregnant mothers not only do daily maintenance, but also eat more foods containing high-quality protein, vitamin B, and vitamin C.

  ◆Belly lines

  Belly lines are also a problem faced by many pregnant mothers. The usual maintenance method can be to rub oil at any time, such as some olive oil or vitamin E, especially the abdomen, buttocks and upper thighs. They can be used during pregnancy and after delivery. They can effectively slow down the loose skin or smooth the skin. Belly lines. In addition, the abdominal support belt can also help expectant mothers to deal with belly wrinkles.

  Comprehensive skin care guide during pregnancy

  The skin of pregnant mothers in early winter is more sensitive. At this time, you must pay attention to reasonable skin care work to make your skin more sensitive. Delicate and smooth. The skin care during pregnancy should pay attention to the following aspects:

  1. The skin during pregnancy is very sensitive, and gentle cleansing products should be used every time you wash your face. For pregnant mothers with dry skin, the number of washing face should be relatively reduced, twice a day, if it is oily skin, you can increase the number of washings to keep the skin dry and not greasy. After washing, gently pat a few times with your hands, wait until the moisture is half dry, and apply a mild moisturizer to the face evenly.

  3. Drink plenty of water, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, and if necessary, take some vitamin B2 and C tablets to prevent dry and cracked skin.

  4. Maintain a certain indoor temperature. It is better to have an air humidifier or put a basin of water indoors.

   5. Try to avoid eating spicy foods, biscuits and instant noodles, and do not drink strong tea and coffee, otherwise the skin will be more dry and dull.

  6. Pregnant women with dry skin should not wash their face frequently, because the soap base will cleanse the natural oils on the skin. It is better to choose a soy milk facial cleanser specially tailored for dry skin. use.

   7. It is necessary to use skin care products that can add moisture to the skin, apply it to the dry area and gently massage it, while the moisturizer or lotion for pregnant women is pure and gentle in quality and has a special moisturizing formula , Can effectively dry the skin, and can maintain the pH balance, more suitable for use at this time.

   8. You should not soak for too long in the bath, otherwise it will easily cause dehydration of the skin. After bathing, apply moisturizing oil to the whole body.

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