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Shampoo manufacturers to summarize some small knowledge

by:Zanyu     2020-12-08

shampoo shampoo manufacturers to teach you how to choose and buy, in all the hair, oily hair estimation is one of the most frustrating, two days, don't wash your hair completely couldn't see. Oily hair is mainly because of the sebaceous glands is secreted exuberant oils, grease slowly penetrate the scalp. Because the cognition to the shampoo is not comprehensive, often wrong choice feeding type of shampoo, hair root soak for a long time in self type oil and nourishing shampoo with grease, pore is easy to block, the wash the hair oil, also easily lead to hair loss problems, or even could be bald.

it is recommended to use: containment, no silicone oil shampoo, strong alkaline, of this kind of shampoo can neutralize the scalp overly acidic environment.

shampoo manufacturers to teach you how to choose and buy shampoo, dry scalp hair is easy to knot, winter is particularly prone to static electricity, didn't do well if you fry hair after washing. This type of hair is caused by a lack of sebaceous glands secretion, led to the scalp is short of oil. Plus often hot dye and the use of inferior hair dryer blowing, let hair scales destroyed several degrees.

so, dry hair friends don't choose, deep clean, the weak alkaline shampoo; For dry hair for a long time deep cleansing shampoo, skin acid-base imbalance, finally causes scurf, also will be more and more dry hair. The best choice: gentle, shampoo containing a small amount of silicone oil. You must have heard of some report about silicone oil is not good, but for dry scalp, is the need for protection of silicone oil, it can become more smooth, shiny hair.

shampoo manufacturers to remind you, shampoo use note: 1, before cleaning with wide tine first comb hair. 2, wet hair, ensure that the water temperature is moderate ( Don't too cold or too hot) 。 3, pour a small amount of shampoo, Depends on how much hair length) In the palm, rub hands make its produce bubbles. 4, shampoo gently rub into the head with his fingers. 5, thoroughly clean the hair with water. Such as it is difficult to clean can be repeated. 6, gently pat dry hair. Don't rub, pull, or wring, because the wet hair elasticity and strength are weaker than working a lot. What they don't understand, welcome to consult our shampoo manufacturers.

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