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【 Shampoo OEM. Before sleeping, don't be lazy, hair more smooth! These hair care tips, will know!

by:Zanyu     2020-12-03

shampoo manufacturers: when you go to sleep at night, some good habit can let a hair more healthy, submissive, the second day not dry. Shampoo manufacturers summarizes five raise hair good habits at night.

1。 To dry hair to sleep again.

the most vulnerable when the hair is wet, if lie down and sleep directly after shampoo, friction on the pillow towel will make hair curly, dry, split ends, also can let a person catch a cold have a headache. After the evening shampoo, should ensure that the hair to dry before you sleep.

2。 To solve the braid of day.

when sleeping, if still tight bun during the day or braid hair, can make the hair damaged. Especially in the wet hair with rope, will form the crease. If you really don't want to come loose to sleep with the hair, can comb into loose braids, use the pin instead of the tight rope, the second day also can form a beautiful waves.

3。 Brush their hair before bed.

this can promote healthy hair growth. Scalp secrete natural grease, often dry hair comb, each hair can make oil moisten, stimulate scalp and hair follicles, make hair healthy growth. In addition, combing their hair and relaxation effect, help to sleep.

4。 With silk pillow cases.

silk pillowcase is softer than cotton pillowcases, friction small, also won't hurt the hair.

5。 Wash hair gel to sleep again.

gel can let a hair dry and stimulate hair follicles, sends out the chemicals also hurt the body. Don't slack off before you go to sleep, must wash with shampoo and conditioner it, let a hair able to breathe enough.

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