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Shampoo OEM generation of processing considerations ( Next)

by:Zanyu     2020-12-08

last we said to the type of shampoo is hot in recent years. So OEM generation of processing factory in abad, in guangzhou alone thousands of home. Many companies looking for the generation of OEM brand processing factory but they don't know how to lay their hands on. So, how to examine whether a plant is suitable for? Basically be to see the following six aspects.

1, shampoo proofing, sample is very important.

shampoo processing generally do well in guangzhou is not much, because the shampoo is a high technical content. Many clients often hot dye, can cause skin inflammation, finally become sensitive scalp, easy chip head itching, monstrous, head of rash, the phenomenon such as hair loss. So isn't doing a good shampoo washed easily long dandruff, head itching, sometimes easy to oil. So it's very important to test sample, try to find a few more people board, at the very least rate above 80% is good shampoo.

2, choice of packaging material:

box had better choose apply membrane or dumb light film. It's waterproof and box point of coated paper in your hands is done with component, the box is too thin easy to remove traces of surface pressure; The size of the box, matching with the bottle to too much easy to crush, hold it in hand feeling is not good.

3, choice of tag:

tag is best to use waterproof, it is not easy to damp off.

4, bottles of choice:

bottle best point. Especially some bottle factory will be a bottle bao hou, is this bottle factory technical problems if the middle thin, it is easy to crush the bottle of the threaded to coincide with a lid to enough; Seal must be in place, otherwise it's easy to discharge; Some of the bottles are pump head, pump head to choose good, spout affect sales, pump pump head has a built-in spring and the outer spring, built-in spring is liquid after spring, spring is easy to rust, the outer spring is liquid without spring is not easy to rust.

5, bottle packaging material choice:

choose more power plants to do, because its quality requirements are more strict. Such as cleaner production workshop in the factory production of packaging material is not easy to stick dust, quality management personnel will do quality inspection, to ensure the quality.

6, the most important is the choice of shampoo OEM factory:

shampoo factory fits mainly from research and development strength, production capacity and environmental qualification to evaluate three aspects.

A, r&d strength:

OEM processing factory r&d engineer qualification? R&d engineer experience? In the wash protect the professional strengths? Factory hygiene standards? Through ISO22716, GMPC certification? Hundreds of level production workshop? …. The stand or fall of r&d strength determines the quality of the product!

B, production capacity:

how many sets of pot? How much you have line? According to the hygienic standards set by the state production? In addition to the disinfection are also important raw materials, packaging material, no disinfection prone to deterioration problems.

C, green credentials:

a lot of people will think that environmental protection it doesn't matter with our customer, this view is wrong. Product sales in the market, if the end consumer manufacturer always hear the problems of environmental protection, make customer feel this factory is very messy and not health, so a lot of loss.

so choose to have an aptitude for environmental protection of power plant is very be necessary!

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