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Six lifestyle tips, let skin care products highly effective absorption!

by:Zanyu     2020-10-23
Six lifestyle tips, let skin care products highly effective absorption! Cosmetic active ingredients will work key absorption, such as whitening ingredients need to penetrate into the deep base layer, anti-wrinkle ingredients you need to penetrate into the deeper layer absorption. But these things transdermal technology is a research and development personnel, and we can begin from skin care skills, strengthen the absorption of active ingredients, to master the following six tips, can be easily absorbed. 1, make the skin drink enough water, when the skin to absorb a large number of moisture barrier function decline, the active ingredients are more likely to come in from the stratum corneum cells, in order to prevent the skin moisture content is less than impact absorbing cosmetics products, should be first to use make up water, make the skin drink enough water. If is not willing to pay extra to buy a bottle of water, can change numerous for brief, make full use of the water when washing a face, the skin, after washing a face immediately start skin care steps, don't wait for dry skin to protect skin to taste, daub skin more don't wash your face. 2, 'grinding' cuticle, corneous layer thickness can cause the skin coarse, dark, also affect the cosmetic ingredients absorb, if corneous layer absorption 'journey' shorter, active ingredients are more likely to enter the skin, better give play to the role of its efficacy, the cutin mainly include physical grinding method and chemical method, physical grinding is a cleanser or the use of belt grinding particle scrub products, such as chemical update mainly use products containing fruit acid accelerate the update of cuticle and fall off. More than 3, keep the product on the skin of a moment, the concentration of the active ingredients directly affects the effect of absorption, if the product is not enough time to stay in skin, absorption effect will be weakened greatly, such as essence itself contains a high concentration of active ingredients, fully absorb can play a big effect, if the besmear after elite immediately into the next phase of skin care steps, such as emulsion mixed, artificial dilute highly active concentration of the product, they greatly influence the effect of the absorption of active ingredients, in turn, affects the product. 4, massage to promote absorption, massage can make a few small granular active ingredients into the hair follicle, hair follicle deep into the skin, often reactive molecules into the base layer and a shortcut to the dermis, so use the product correctly massage is beneficial to promoting product effect. 5, make skin isolation, the mask has promoting effect to the absorption of active ingredients, enclosed to the local skin, increase skin hydration degree, is beneficial to molecular motion, skin temperature rises to a certain extent also promote the absorption of active ingredients, so after using essence products add a layer of mulch to enhance absorption, we should do the following. A, use make up cotton will make up cotton apply after wetting has good cosmetics on the skin, especially for splash blain to imprint and so on need to focus on the part of the; B, use plastic wrap, cover with plastic wrap and apply good product parts, isolation effect is better; C, use some heavy cream, cream of water-in-oil products may be more suitable for a bit. 6, collaborative use, the effect is good, the five ways to strengthen the absorption is not exist in isolation, you can use, together with several such as cutin first, and then let the skin with water to drink enough water, stay a little longer when using the product, and then massage, finally use the parcel layer for all-round promote absorption method; These methods are used together can make skin care effect has a great improvement.
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