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Skin allergies during pregnancy, find out the cause, and take care of it

by:Zanyu     2021-06-14

  After a woman enters pregnancy, under the influence of progesterone, the skin is sensitive and fragile. Under the influence of some unfavorable external factors, it can cause symptoms such as allergies and inflammation. So what can cause gestational muscle allergies and how to take care of it correctly?

  Causes of skin allergies

  chemical factors

   such as OEM cosmetics and OEM skin care products that are easily sensitized Improper use of the ingredients, soaps, detergents, etc. may cause skin allergies. And if pregnant women use complex skin care products such as anti-acne, not only skin allergies are trivial, but it is irreversible that threatens the healthy development of the fetus.

   Suggestion: When buying skin care products, pregnant mothers must first look at the ingredients of the products and avoid buying products that contain ingredients that make them allergic. It is better to use skin care products for sensitive skin to reduce OEM cosmetics. use. For example, pregnant women's OEM skin care products are specially designed for women during pregnancy and childbirth. Natural materials are used without irritation. Pregnant women and sensitive skin can use it with confidence.

  Environmental factors

   The rapid changes in cold and hot temperatures, seasonal changes, air pollution, wind and sun, etc., may also cause skin allergy.

  Recommendation: pay attention to applying sunscreen isolation products when going out. Pregnant women's isolation cream and BB cream can effectively isolate external pollution and damage, form a protective film on the skin surface, and use repair products for night care to improve the skin The self-repairing ability.


   If you eat spicy food or drink alcohol, stay up late for a long time and get nervous, it may also cause and aggravate skin allergic reactions.

   Suggestion: Pay attention to the nutrition of the diet, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, do not drink alcohol, maintain a regular schedule, go to bed before 11 o'clock every night, avoid staying up late, work should pay attention to the combination of work and rest, for yourself Reasonable decompression.

   hereditary factors

   Sensitive skin mostly has a family history of sensitive skin. Some people are born with sensitive physique, so the skin is also prone to allergies.

   Suggestion: You must find out your allergens for sensitive physique or sensitive skin, avoid contact with and eat your own allergens, and pay attention to many aspects such as daily care, diet, and living habits to avoid skin allergies. .

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