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Skin allergies during pregnancy

by:Zanyu     2021-06-15
The secretion of progesterone causes the skin of pregnant mothers to activate a higher level of protection mechanism. The skin is more prone to stress response than before pregnancy, manifested as itching, redness, and peeling, which is what is called skin allergies. The different sensitive types of pregnant mothers have different points to focus on when effectively soothing the skin. 1. Dry skin allergies No matter what the season, the skin is always dry and rough. As soon as you apply toner, you will feel a little tingling, itching, and sometimes redness. People with these symptoms belong to dry skin allergies. . The reason for skin allergies is that the skin is dry, which reduces the defense function, as long as the excess sebum is removed and sufficient moisturizing is enough. But pay attention to choosing gentle cleansing products for pregnant women.   2. Oily skin allergies.   Acne and small particles are prone to appear on the face, red, swollen, and inflamed. Even the cheeks and other areas that are prone to dryness can also develop acne. The commissioner said that people with these symptoms should be allergic to oily skin. Sensitivity is caused by excess sebum attached and insufficient moisture to reduce the protective function of the skin, as long as the excessive sebum is removed and sufficient moisturizing is required. In the choice of cleansing products, gentle cleansing milk for pregnant women should also be preferred.   Three, stress skin allergies.   Seasons change, OEM cosmetics and OEM skin care products will become inapplicable. As long as there is insufficient sleep or stress, the skin will become dry. People with these symptoms should belong to stress skin allergies. The reason lies in endocrine disorders caused by various external stimuli or hormonal imbalances. Pregnant mothers should relax their mood and ensure high-quality sleep quality.   Fourth, permanent skin allergies.   Like allergic dermatitis or abnormally sensitive sources such as sunlight, spices, and pigments. Specific irritants (allergens) cause allergic reactions. If you still follow your daily maintenance methods, it will be very dangerous. A better way is to stop using such products and after skin treatment, choose gentle OEM skin care products for pregnant women. The follow-up repair.   The appearance of all kinds of skin sensitivity during pregnancy is affected by both progesterone and foreign substances in pregnant women. To soothe pregnant muscles and completely solve the problem of skin sensitivity, pregnant mothers should judge their own skin sensitivity, find out the sensitive inducements, and carry out further skin repair in a targeted manner.
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