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Skin allergies or sensitive skin, don’t be stupid and confused

by:Zanyu     2021-06-01
During pregnancy, the skin is in a sensitive and fragile state for a long time. A little carelessness can cause skin allergies and even sensitive muscles. In fact, in the general concept of skin care during pregnancy, the vast majority of people say that skin allergies are equivalent to sensitive skin, and this leads to errors in treatment methods and secondary damage to the skin. What is skin allergies? What is sensitive skin?    Sensitive skin is generally manifested in the following aspects:    1. The skin stratum corneum is thin, and the red blood streaks on the face are obvious.   2. The skin is prone to redness. Temperature changes, too cold or too much heat can cause skin redness.   3. When the diet changes or the pressure increases, the skin is prone to redness, itching, and tingling.   4. The skin is easily damaged by the sun. In fact, whether it is sensitive skin or normal skin, skin allergies may occur under certain conditions! Are you upright? The only difference is that they have different chances, degrees and external manifestations of allergies, so they should be based on The actual situation of the skin makes its own plan to fight against allergies.  What are the manifestations of skin allergies?   1. Skin allergies occur after eating certain foods or contacting pollen or dust.   2. After using the new OEM skin care products, the skin is red, swollen, burning, and rash.   3. The skin is prone to allergies when it is over-stressed or over-fatigued.  4. When the season changes, the skin is easy to peel or itch.  It coincides with winter, and the moisture of the skin is easily taken away by air evaporation. How should skin allergies during pregnancy cause sensitive skin?   Skin allergies during pregnancy, an effective skin surface protective film should be established. Although the skin originally has a sebum film protection, it is inevitable that the sebum film will lose quickly and the protection will fail at the time of the change of seasons. It will help the skin to add an extra layer to ensure the following three guarantees! How to achieve it? In fact, as long as you do daily skin care, To ensure that the two OEM skin care effects of gentle cleansing and gentle hydration can be effectively exerted, and the use of special barrier cream for pregnant women, BB cream, etc., can effectively isolate external sources of pollution and ensure that the skin is not harmed.
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