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Skin care during pregnancy: three big tips to create fair skin

by:Zanyu     2021-06-16
Many women are beautiful girls before they get married. After pregnancy, they face frequent skin problems during pregnancy. Countless pregnant women want to keep their skin beautiful. How to maintain their skin during pregnancy to ensure perfect skin quality?     1. Get up early and drink a glass of boiled water on an empty stomach every morning. Long-term persistence can not only take away skin toxins, promote metabolism, and make pregnant mothers skin smooth and supple, but also help and improve constipation. The amount of body exercise at night decreases, especially after pregnant moms have a baby, the amount of exercise is greatly reduced, which causes the blood flow rate to slow down, so that toxins in the body attach to the blood vessel walls. Drinking a glass of boiled water can accelerate the blood flow, and the toxins in the body will follow the boiled water. Excreted from the body through skin pores and urine, thus purifying the human organs, naturally also has a certain beauty effect. 2. There are tips for eating. The skin care specialist during pregnancy reminds pregnant moms: In addition to drinking water, they should also eat more high-quality protein (soy products, dairy products, etc.) and vitamins A, B, C, E, etc. that are beneficial to the skin. Food (such as brown rice, germ, fresh fruits and vegetables, etc.). These foods not only provide the nutrition needed by the mother and the fetus, but also help solve the worries of the pregnant mother about how to skin care during pregnancy and help maintain the healthy and beautiful skin during pregnancy.    3. Gentle cleansing is the foundation.      Apply the slogan Is your face white or white? Maintaining skin during pregnancy is a prerequisite for keeping clean. Use cleanser during pregnancy, you need to choose mild, hypoallergenic, and effective products. Taomi water and soy milk are OEM skin care methods that have been passed down in the folk since ancient times. They are not only effective skin care, but also meet the skin needs of pregnant mothers and new mothers. But rice water and soy milk are neither convenient nor practical for pregnant mothers living in the city. Pregnant mothers can choose the rice series of special skin care products for pregnant women that are extracted from rice OEM skin care essences on the market. They are high-quality, long-term use, and the skin is bright and shiny from the inside to the outside, white and flawless.    4. Belly pattern      Throughout the ages, how many beautiful white skins there are, have been ruined in the hands of strips of hateful, hateful and ugly belly lines. Belly lines have become a disease in many women's hearts. The skin care specialist during pregnancy recommends the use of olive oil or apple seed belly line protection products for pregnant mothers. Natural non-irritating is an essential product for belly line protection.
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