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Skin care during pregnancy will know 4 big knowledge

by:Zanyu     2020-11-06
Pregnancy hormones, pregnancy skin problems emerge in endlessly, so while enjoying new mothers mother cannot forget to skin care. So, mothers should how to do a good job of skin care? 1. Regular massage the belly believe belly lines everyone not unfamiliar, eighty percent of mothers will be released as a result of increased weight soared and hormone belly. Although his lines are common, but we can also through the way of maintenance to massage the skin to downplay his lines. First of all, the expectant mothers to increase the elasticity of the skin and massage, make the skin more delicate. In addition, we can through the way of itamin E to eliminate the belly. Coated with belly grain protection product is indispensable, belly, such as apple seeds from nature beauty essence, promote cell renewal, efficient desalination belly. 2. Do is prevented bask in melanin during pregnancy, many mothers face long spot. This is because when the mother during pregnancy skin resistance, easy to become a flashpoint for bacteria. Daily, mother bear in mind that completes the sun protection measures, in order to avoid secretion of melanin precipitation and its increasingly vigorous, effect the beauty of the face. 3. Make clean acne during pregnancy, the mother of sebum secretion is relatively strong, this will make easy blocked pore and skin problems such as acne, blackhead. How can it do? In fact, the key is clean. In addition, the expectant mothers avoid heavy make-up, lest pore is affected and deepen the emergence of acne blackhead. Mother, of course, also don't be too impatient to wipe on remove acne ointment, lest affect fetal health and development. 4. Disable irritating skin care products have after pregnancy, before using OEM skin care products should not continue to use, to avoid affect fetal development. Such as the daily life of common contain ingredients such as lead, mercury, easily penetrate into the body to damage the fetus development. So, in order to children's health, expectant mothers to disable this kind of skin care products. This time, the mother is better protect skin to taste more pregnant women dedicated to the use of the. Pregnant women in the OEM skin care products based on natural soybean, rice and other skincare essence, natural moist, in my heart.
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