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Skin care for pregnant women

by:Zanyu     2021-05-29

   After pregnancy, the changes in hormone levels in pregnant mothers will affect the skin condition. Before pregnancy, smooth and tender skin becomes rough and dry, and even belly lines and other problems that seriously affect the beautiful image of pregnant mothers appear. How to help pregnant mothers solve What about skin problems? Take a look at these skin care tips.

The commissioner    said that these skin problems during pregnancy are caused by sebaceous gland secretion disorders. Therefore, there is no need to apply medicine or change OEM cosmetics. If the situation is not particularly bad, there is no need to seek medical advice or worry. Note: It is very important to keep your face clean. Wash your face frequently, keep your face clean, rest enough, and get proper nutrition.

  In the early stages of pregnancy, subcutaneous fat is increasing, sweat and sebum are also increasing than before. It is necessary to clean it frequently, otherwise the skin is itchy and it is easy to get skin diseases. Therefore, take a bath frequently. In summer, it is better to wash every day because you sweat a lot. When bathing, the water should not be too hot, too hot can make people tired; and the water should not be too cold, too cold will cause uterine contractions and proteinuria. At the same time, pay attention not to wash for too long. Washing for too long can cause dizziness, catch colds more easily, and soften the fibrous tissue. When washing, the movements should be gentle, pay attention to the balance of the body, and never fall. After washing, it is better to have the effect of physical and mental comfort, increased appetite, and peaceful sleep at night. In addition, wash with warm water every morning to keep your breasts clean.

   The skin is very sensitive during pregnancy, and gentle non-irritating cleansing products (facial cleanser or soap) should be used every time you wash your face. As the skin is dry, the number of face washes should be relatively reduced, just twice a day.

   Because some pregnant mothers have a strong pregnancy reaction, they eat very little food, can't keep up with nutrition, and their complexion will lose the previous ruddy face. Therefore, the makeup should be as bright as possible to give people a bright and lively feeling. However, it is better not to apply heavy makeup, as this will damage your sensitive skin. Even the skin at night can't be ignored, wash your face with a neutral lotion that does not contain detergents. Then, wash the skin with cold water. Apply cold cream on the face, massage gently, wipe off with a hot towel after comparison, and moisturize with lotion. In this way, you can get a beautiful face without makeup.

   After washing, gently pat a few times with your hands, wait until the moisture is half dry, apply a mild moisturizer evenly on the face, and massage gently, which will help maintain skin moisture and promote skin blood circulation .

   Drink plenty of water, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, and if necessary, take some vitamin B2 and vitamin C tablets to prevent dry and cracked skin.

   Maintain a certain indoor temperature. It is better to have an air humidifier or put a basin of water indoors.

   Avoid eating spicy foods, biscuits and instant noodles, and do not drink strong tea and coffee, otherwise the skin will be more dry and dull.

  The skin during pregnancy faces a huge test. Pregnant mothers should not be afraid of this. Instead, they must face up to the skin problems, choose the correct OEM skin care method, and take care of the inside and outside at the same time to restore healthy skin.

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