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Skin care method of pregnant mothers during pregnancy

by:Zanyu     2020-11-01
After pregnancy, all sorts of all sorts of changes in the body, and because of the effect of progesterone, the skin becomes poor is pregnant mother cannot ignore the fact that so wanting a pregnant mother, pregnancy need more attentive caress your skin. So pregnant how to maintain the skin? Skin care must pay attention to the following 1, pregnant women during pregnancy dry rough, dark sore easily. Protect skin to taste to choose only during pregnancy with pure moist effect and does not contain other functions, and better moisture to work in the morning and evening, keep skin moist and smooth. 2, pregnant woman will also face, come up to a lot of various spots on the body, some can be produced at the end of the pregnant women after disappear naturally. To let oneself in postpartum recovery well, guarantee a good night's sleep, eat more contain high quality protein, B vitamins, vitamin C food is indispensable. 3, the pregnant woman ugly belly. Pregnant women body parts shall, from time to time, daub belly grain protective oil, clean oil is to avoid the effect of postpartum abdomen and legs leaving the production. Especially the place such as the upper part of the abdomen, hips and thighs. Such as local conditioning cream, they all can be used during pregnancy and postpartum, can effectively reduce the skin is flabby, or remove belly lines. In addition, the corset can also help mums-to-be more hate his lines. Sweet remind: pregnant mammy skin care tips after pregnancy, changes in hormone levels, can affect the skin. Some people skin become more smooth, also some people become sensitive rough, prurigo, papule sex dermatitis, there will be a pregnancy even appear facial pregnancy spot ( Malar rash) , belly belly lines. Therefore, must carry on the reasonable skin care during pregnancy, in order to make sure your skin exquisite and smooth. Skin care in pregnancy should pay attention to the following aspects: 1, pregnancy skin is very sensitive, each should be used when washing a face, gentle no stimulation cleansing products ( Facial cleanser or soap) 。 Because the skin is dry, the number of washing a face should be relatively reduced, twice a day. 2, after washing with the hand gently pat a few times, such as moisture dry, use a mild moisturizer put on the skin and smooth on face 3, appropriate more water, eat fresh vegetable and fruit more, when necessary, also can take some vitamin B2, C, prevent skin weather-shack. 4, maintain indoor temperature, better air humidifier, or put a basin of water indoors. 5, try to avoid eating spicy foods, biscuits and instant noodles, don't drink strong tea and coffee, or you will make the skin more dry and dull. About makeup from my to become fat belly pregnant women, this change will not come from the beautiful become garbage woman, so, still beautiful, the beautiful or not only oneself in the mind is very useful, go out shopping also will be particularly high horse, steal to smile. Pregnant mothers will vomit and tired reasons appear more pale, spirit also become listless, so pregnant women can be dispersed by decorated appearance caused by nervous mood changes. Mums-to-be can be minimal makeup. Start when making up, should use brunet series of powdery bottom to dress up, if pregnant women face freckles, should switch to cover spot cream, but not besmear too thick, otherwise easy to hurt the skin. After the foundation, can jump on transparent powder with a fixed OEM cosmetics, then draw look line, eyebrows, lip balm. After comparison, brush again on a layer of red cheek, make complexion is ruddy.
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