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Skin care products OEM generation of processing plant to do customer resources?

by:Zanyu     2020-11-25
1 product positioning

overall target customer master the choose and buy of individual behavior characteristic: many well-known brand or product procurement supervisor on the Internet to find products, for the customer to find manufacturers at work Monday to Friday, understand the product price and the wholesale, sales to connect the customer at that time it is best to bring the whole creative copy, because you want to sell not only purchasing will let purchasing to convince boss do goods, materials to prepare the higher the chance for success, the product is real, let the boss personally using the greater the chances.

many beginners do acting processing is also looking for products, connect will can't communicate, if there are careful will have volume. List can be used for precision positioning of elements: based on features of the company to do shop accurate positioning. Specializing medicinal plant implied, for example, for the powder, slimming grinding into powder, medicament containing Chinese herbs such as design style, antique shop is made from China, li when attending the class of the definition of traditional Chinese medicine shops, beauty shop, physical and mental health of traditional Chinese medicine library customers can be looking for you, this kind of customer volume is relatively small, but good product can replenish onr's stock, ready to plain and service projects.

clear company product precision positioning features: corporate mission to go, actually is based has been clear about the product category, is in the range of products to ensure perfect, make window, this must be technical engineers, packaging materials procurement, product manager, sales department to cooperate with each other, system software products is the key, is to bully, products in the way of constantly, is the product.

2 stores locate precisely

do spot trading? It is no doubt about it, online shop to see online sales, many factories turn shop online, offline promotion transformation, so in competition ability strong many stores won't work today, no sales, no traffic, unlike earlier on your can earn the money, is the source to do the factory or the agent of the famous brand, retail or wholesale, all must be accurate positioning and design scheme, each factory is good at doing the product itself, the product must be overall plan summary, clear what right do wholesale, what do traffic, what right do OEM processing agent, such as frozen dry powder do some version of the test product, the same wholesale sale, no harm to many people about your agent processing, store data and information, traffic is not easy.

3 service project accurate location 1. Product requirements, quality, profitability, style 2. Technical service project requirements, package return, online customer service, professional degree, freight logistics, etc. 3. Potential demand, customized, OEM, product marketing and operation training.

we have many years of 'natural' perseverance, commitment to the broad masses of customers to provide ODM/OEM/OBM service we, from a technical standard, manufacture standard to brand standards, pursuit. We have an attitude of OEM cosmetics customization factories, is extensive hair, manufacturing, brand service and education as one integrated company.

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