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Skin care products OEM/ODM detailed steps

by:Zanyu     2020-12-05

how to recognize a OEM skin care products OEM/ODM production and processing company can consider your request? How to control production from the cost cosmetics production and processing? This set of detailed OEM OEM cosmetics, OEM steps in to you.

the first, determine the product composition and marketing channel

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before manufacturing products, want to consider the operation of the well-known brands, joint customer groups, product must be, outsourcing the information content. To locate precisely what good products to customers, if the control line is province, must better the quality of some; If walking is specialized in the line, electronic commerce, this kind of way to save cost, choose relativity low price products. Then, looking for cooperation factory

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1. Skincare raw manufacturers of news and information from according to the baidu search engine, and alibaba net looking for OEM cosmetics manufacturers is one of the methods, although the overall strength of the good and bad are intermingled, proposed to pick these according to the strength of the dealer to contact manufacturers. Because the factory is according to the alibaba net of third party inspection, is all true.

2。 Under the condition of visit must pay attention to some what? Producers of natural environment, the assembly shop of the natural environment, the sample room. Manufacturers show sample showroom if the template is more commonly, expressing a manufacturer's product development ability is strong, the chosen probability is relatively more, the perfect recipe for more also.

3。 How the sample is good? Use skin feeling and its actual effect, in view of moisturizing hydrating products, the key is to use the skin feeling and moisturizing moisturizing effect. Are hydrating mask key membrane cloth is unfavorable, and apply the thought. Must consider the many aspects: the price of the product, overall estimate price, the packing material.

4。 Have personalized services such as design, completely free for the record, the brand image design, etc. Clear recipe

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introduced several kind of way for your reference: see composition, handle, PH pregnancy test paper test method, moisturizing cream products fire test method, etc. Actually manufacturer, big goods

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must make a big goods sample OEM cosmetics manufacturers, contains the parts and printing pre-tender estimate parts as well as the method, heat shrinkable film. To handle the record

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in manufacturing large cargo also will be able to carry out the relevant for the record, that can reduce the time relatively.

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