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Skin care skills little detail: how to protect your skin when on a business trip?

by:Zanyu     2020-10-19
Do you also work in the office on a business trip? If it is please look at the following skin care tips! Skin due to catch a plane, an overnight trip, irregular diet, mountain climbing, wading, skin is experiencing at this time more ordeal! Strong working pressure to let you really don't want to get up in the morning skin for a few hours to maintain! Today, such as small make up to teach a few skin care tips are on the road! 1, take prevent bask in, after all, we are going to light, and in May the weather is hot, should choose quality of a material is a bit thin sunscreen won't so greasy thick. Spf20 around is ok, but remember to activity in the hot sun, filling with every 2 hours. Wearing a fashionable hat a sun hat, journey is also a good idea! If you happen to go to the beach on a business trip, swimming to prepare professional sunscreen. After ashore because body residual water also can enlarge the reflection effects of the sun, so be dry with a towel and not let the wind blow dry! 2, to sweat spray can show great powers to pick a can effectively stop sweat, and spray fragrance taste like myself, is a good dress up to go out. Go out to work for a long period of time energy consumption can let our sweat out of many, let you feel is not good oh, at that time and cool and refreshing spray is the most refreshing and boost the spirit is the baby, remember to bring! 3, back to the hotel after discharge makeup with what is effectively a hydrating mask sunscreen ingredients are tending to failure after sun exposure, let these material paste on the face but unwise. After discharge makeup first thing is to do a mask, the mask throw a, easy to carry out and hydrating effect, can greatly to restore skin due to exposure to lose water. 4, maintenance process change numerous for brief at home to spend half an hour to do maintenance, the hotel we as light as possible! The most simple skin care baby is ready to a super comfortable bottle of face cream. It needs water and oil, not greasy paste face, nor light to like waiting, with a nourishing skin soon lost. A bottle of face cream, can give attention to both the eyes and neck ( Temporarily do this several times is just as well) 。 In addition to bring sunscreen and hidroschesis spray is ok, not bottles clinked along the way, Mention so many physical burden heavier, too! 5, pay attention to the intestinal diet adjustment we just arrived a new place will be very pleased to try local food, but the intestinal flora is not ready, so you need some medicine to help you of intestines and stomach, metoclopramide, berberine, can very good qualified for norfloxacin, yogurt and honey is quite safe to drink ~ ~
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