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Skin care tips for men

Skin care tips for men


Skin care after shaving is essential

Many men do not pay attention to shaving. They do not regularly clean the shaving tools and do not maintain them before and after shaving. Shaving can easily cause tiny wounds on our skin, which we can't see, but the subsequent use of skin care products can cause stinging. So before shaving, we must clean the razor and our forehead skin to prevent bacteria. Applying shaving foam before shaving can also effectively prevent the creation of skin wounds. After shaving, the use of moisturizer for anti-inflammatory and antibacterial is a must.


Regular exfoliation is important

Chatting with a dermatologist, when talking about men's skin care, she said that it is very important to exfoliate regularly. The medical literature shows that men's cuticle thickness is thicker than that of women, so boys are prone to keratosis and excessive acne. Regular removal of keratin is the key to preventing acne.


Sunscreen is tot just needed in sunny days  

Sun protection can be said to be the most important thing in men's skin care. According to the scientific literature, nearly 80% of skin aging is derived from photoaging, and the culprit causing photoaging is UVA in ultraviolet light. UVA can penetrate the atmosphere, clouds, and glass, and can reach the deep layers of the skin and directly damage DNA. And no matter whether it is sunny, rainy or cloudy, there is almost no change in UVA.  


Apply toner gently

We often see a lot of boys squeaking their faces when using toner, some of them are the same as slaps, after that, the face is red and swollen. In fact, the toner really just needs to be gently pressed on the skin. Slamming the skin will make the toner become a small droplet splashing into the air, which will cause waste.

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