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Skin is too sensitive during pregnancy How to protect in summer?

by:Zanyu     2021-06-16

   After pregnancy, the skin is affected by hormone changes in the body, the stratum corneum becomes thicker, the skin is dehydrated and dry, and it becomes more and more sensitive and fragile. The three big beasts of summer heat, humidity and ultraviolet light increase the burden on the skin during pregnancy, so it is better to protect and maintain Measures are the top priority. How to take care of OEM skin care in summer?


  1. Take a bath frequently, change clothes frequently, and dress with good breathability and rash Drink plenty of drinks that dispel dampness and clear heat. If you accidentally get prickly heat, don't scratch it. Use talcum powder containing mint and borneol. However, if you accidentally scratch it and cause an infection and cause fever, you must seek medical attention in time.

  2. During pregnancy, women’s stratum corneum will become thicker. After cleansing, do not wipe it with a towel. Gently pat it with your hands until it is half dry, and then apply a layer of moisturizer. In addition, drink plenty of water and eat seasonal vegetables and fruits to replenish water in a timely manner.

  3. Ensure that the face is clean and the pores are clogged.

  4. Do not use irritating facial cleansers and OEM cosmetics containing alcohol, fragrance, etc.

  5. Take good sun protection measures. In summer, the radiation is large, and pregnant women are more likely to have stains and freckles. You must use an umbrella or wear a hat to shade when you go out, or apply sunscreen to ensure that the sun protection measures are in place. It is also necessary to take in enough vitamin C to reduce the activity of melanocytes.

  6. Control your weight and reduce the chance of developing stretch marks, which are difficult to remove once they occur.

  (2) Maintenance

  1. For women with dry skin during pregnancy, you can clean your face twice a day.

  2. Choose facial cleansers that do not contain irritating ingredients such as fragrances and alcohol. For mixed skin, you can choose refreshing facial cleansers. Such as soy milk rice refreshing cleansing nourishing facial cleanser.

  3. Avoid spicy food and other irritating foods. Drink coffee with instant noodles. Eat a healthy diet and eat more seasonal vegetables and fruits to add water.

  4. Keep a certain humidity indoors, it is better to place a humidifier.

  5. If necessary, take vitamin B2, which is a vitamin C tablet, to avoid dry and cracked skin.

   In short, the skin of pregnant women is more sensitive than usual, and there are more protection problems that need attention. It is better to choose products that do not contain irritating ingredients such as alcohol and fragrance. For skin moisturization and health, avoid spicy products, instant noodles, coffee, etc. during pregnancy, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables to supplement nutrition and moisture, take some vitamin tablets and supplement vitamin C appropriately to avoid dry skin.

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