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Skin problems during pregnancy ranked top3 How to prevent skin damage skin care

by:Zanyu     2021-06-13
The greatness of a pregnant mother lies in sacrificing her youthful beauty in exchange for the health and growth of her baby. After pregnancy, skin problems are common due to the influence of progesterone in the hands. After a long-term investigation, Xiaorun found that the following three types of skin problems are the top 3 skin problems during pregnancy.  一, spider pattern    These small groups of broken capillaries (small blood vessels), or sometimes called spider nevi, most often appear on the cheeks, usually during pregnancy, especially if you have been prone to this condition before. The spider pattern is caused by the extra pressure on the capillaries brought by the increased blood circulation, and the capillaries will also become more sensitive during pregnancy. To reduce the chance of spider moles, it is necessary to avoid overheating or too cold on the face, because these two conditions can easily lead to this problem. Once the postpartum hormone levels have stabilized, the spider veins will disappear.  Second, blackheads and acne    pregnancy can sometimes cause acne, and most of us will not have acne after puberty. Increased levels of hormones stimulate the secretion of sebum (the oil that keeps the skin elastic), and too much sebum can clog pores, leading to the appearance of oily skin and blackheads. It can be cleaned regularly with mild cleansing products and oil-free moisturizers. If you don’t want to use OEM skin care products, don’t use towels. Instead, pat your face dry with your hands to keep your skin fresh and clean, so that the irritation to acne can be reduced to a minimum.  三. Rash and itching   During pregnancy, it is very common to have temporary and recurring rashes and itching for no apparent reason. Due to the increase in hormone levels, you will become more sensitive when you come into contact with substances that do not normally affect you. For example, become sensitive to the chlorine in the local swimming pool. Wear light, loose cotton clothes to keep your body cool. Using a gentle and nourishing body milk for pregnant women can relieve dry, itchy and uncomfortable skin.  If you want to effectively improve the above three types of skin problems, you should take proper OEM skin care during pregnancy. Choose mild OEM skin care products for pregnant women to build an effective protective layer against allergies and allergies, which can cause a variety of skin problems.
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