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Skin problems in winter are endless? Let’s take a look at how to moisturize dry skin

by:Zanyu     2021-06-30

  Winter is the season when the skin is more prone to problems. Low temperature and cold wind cause the skin to lose moisture quickly, and then cause roughness, dullness, allergic redness and other problems. So in order to cause more skin problems due to dry skin, how should we care for the skin?


  The skin is dry and peeling, pay attention to these care points:


  1, moisturize first, then exfoliate


   also exfoliate dead skin in winter. Using mild exfoliating products can make it easier for dry skin to absorb the moisturizing and moisturizing ingredients in OEM skin care products. Because the skin is relatively dehydrated in winter, it can be done on the skin first. Replenishes water and restores fullness to the skin, and it will not feel uncomfortable after keratin cleansing.


  2, repair essence, strengthen skin moisturization


   essence contains much larger moisturizing ingredients than lotion, one This repairing essence can replenish a lot of lost water and collagen to the skin, moisturize the skin from the inside out, and also directly reach the basal layer for repairing, improving the dryness of the skin from the source, and gradually returning to a healthy state.


  3. Moisturizing facial mask, giving emergency care to the skin


   A facial mask with super hydrating effect that can replenish water, It locks in water, translucent, and controls oil, making your skin soft, elastic and radiant. For example, the soy milk mask uses nature's wild soybean extract, which gently nourishes the skin, fully hydrates, and makes your skin moist~


  Beautiful first aid tips:


   Be careful not to pull the skin off, otherwise it will harm healthy skin. You can first apply a thick layer of oil-rich cream to soften it, then wet it with a cotton pad soaked in lotion for a few minutes and wipe it off. The peeling area can fall off and you can proceed with the general maintenance procedure.



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