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Skin repair during pregnancy, combined with skin quality to prescribe the right medicine for pregnant women skin care

by:Zanyu     2021-06-25
If you want to use special skin care products for pregnant women for effective skin care during pregnancy, pregnant mothers must first choose suitable special skin care products for pregnant women according to their skin characteristics. What should pregnant mothers with different skin characteristics pay attention to when taking care of their skin?   1, dry skin:    usually the skin is insufficiently secreted and lacks moisture, and the face appears relatively dry, prone to dryness, fine lines and peeling. The skin is delicate, with fine pores, but lacks luster. Daily care needs to pay attention to rolling and water loss, choose mild cleansing products to maintain the sebum film. Many expectant mothers like to use kangaroo mother's wheat germ to nourish and moisturize toner.   Properly strengthen skin metabolism and blood circulation, deepen moisturizing, exfoliating and massage repair products in the care, strengthen sun protection during the day, and strengthen moisturizing and repair at night to prevent premature skin aging. Pay attention to water intake in daily diet, drink plenty of water, especially drink a glass of water before going to bed and after getting up in the morning.  2, normal skin:    can be said to be an ideal skin, with delicate skin, fine pores, and almost no fine lines. The secretion of oil and moisture is balanced, the surface is shiny and elastic; it is a relatively perfect skin, and few people have it, even if it is not properly treated, it is easy to change. Daily care is relatively simple. You only need to do a good job of cleaning and basic maintenance. Carry out regular care. Adjust skin care products according to the season, climate and physical condition to ensure a normal life, adequate sleep and healthy diet, which is basically enough to maintain the skin In better condition. It is recommended to use a mild wheat OEM skin care series, pay attention to moisturizing and hydrating in spring.  3. Sensitivity:   The appearance of the skin is dull, the skin is easy to be red, the blood vessels are easy to be seen, the touch is dry, easy to peel, and there is dandruff, and different skin care products will cause redness, itching and pain. Therefore, you must carefully choose skin care products, preferably natural herbal skin care products or special skin products for pregnant women, gentle ones.  4. Oily skin:   The sebaceous glands secrete vigorously, and the skin appears shiny for a long time. The skin is thicker, with large pores, and is prone to acne and pimples. Less prone to wrinkles. Facial makeup is difficult to last.   Daily care should focus on controlling the secretion of skin oil and keeping the skin clean to reduce the occurrence of acne, blackheads and acne. should choose refreshing astringent products, and weekly care should appropriately strengthen exfoliation and deep cleansing. Moisturize and sunscreen during the day to avoid skin aging. Make-up should choose products with thinner texture and oil control effect.  5. Mixed skin:    oil secretion is not balanced, characterized by oily skin in the T-shaped part, and normal or dry skin on the cheeks and around the eyes. Therefore, most people with combination skin have the characteristics of dry and oily skin at the same time. Similarly, the same problem will occur on the same face as dry skin or oily skin. Therefore, maintenance needs to be more carefully arranged. You can use skin care products that balance the secretion of oil, choose the right skin care lotion according to different seasons, and keep moisture in your daily life.   Pregnancy skin care needs to find out the characteristics of the skin before you can choose the right skin care products for repair and maintenance of the right medicine. How to take care of your skin during pregnancy? Find out your skin type, and carry out daily skin care in a targeted manner!
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