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Skin Knowledge

The Integumentary System(skin)is the organ system that protects the body from various kinds of damage, such as abrasion or Loss of water. It serves as a protective barrier to our inner organs, and serves as a waterproof cushion for the deeper tissues. Our skin is subject to external environmental assaults and aggressors which breakdown the skins cellular structure and collagen. In order to achieve optimal skin health, it is essential to understand the functions of each COSMETIC SKIN SOLUTIONS active ingredient, how it corresponds to Limiting environmental influences, and its role in improving skin condition. Scroll below to access the research of how we incorporate patent pending, evolutionary Natural plant extracts ingredients into our formulations to produce a scientific skin care on pregnant woman &babies.

Skin Conditions

Refer to your skin classification


Normal skin has a balance between oil and water levels. Skin is neither greasy nor dry.


Dry skin does not produce enough oil, feels flaky, itchy, and prone to wrinkles and lines.


Oily skin is more prone to acne formation by over production of oily by sebaceous glands and appears shiny


Combination skin is oily in the T-zone with dry skin on other areas of the face

Maternal And Infant Prone To Skin Problems

Pregnant Women


Skin itch Skin itching is a normal physiological phenomenon during pregnancy. If there are no other skin diseases, there is no need to use medication. Pregnant mummy weekdays can use some lotion and smear on the local skin.


Striae gravidarum is also a common skin change during pregnancy, its formation site in the abdomen is the most, because the fetus in the mother's uterus continues to grow, pregnant mother's abdominal circumference expansion ratio is relatively large; as for other more common parts, including around the breast, the inner thigh.


As a result of pregnancy will secrete a large number of estrogen, lutein and other hormones, estrogen will promote melanocyte activity, so prone to melanin precipitation, such as axillary, groin, nipple, midline of the stomach (navel to pubic), skin color will become darker, darker.


During pregnancy due to changes in hormones in the body, some pregnant mothers face skin oil secretion will increase, and then began to grow acne; if not done a good basic skin cleaning, and even aggravate acne production.

Infant Skin


1.Allergy Easily: Babies’ skin is thin and very delicate that easy to be penetrated by environment , the reaction to allergic and toxic substances is much stronger than that of adults, an inadvertent will cause allergies.


Damaged by friction: Babies’ skin thickness is only 1/10 of the adult, and the epidermis is a single layer of cells, collagen in the dermis is relatively small, skin elasticity is insufficient, it is easy to be damaged by friction.


Weak control ability of acid base: Because the babies skin is not fully developed, babies can only rely on the skin surface of a natural acid protective film to protect the skin. Once the protective membrane is damaged, it is easy to cause infection.


The stratum corneum is not yet mature:     At this time the child's cuticle is not yet mature, the dermis and fibrous tissue is thin, the skin is very sensitive, the ability to resist dryness is weak.


Pigment layer thin:Newborn babies have very little melanin in their skin, a thin layer of pigment that can easily be burned by ultraviolet light in the sun.    

  • After pregnancy, the immunity of expectant mothers decreases, their resistance to external stimuli weakens, and their skin is vulnerable to damage.

  • Therefore, some people also suffer from eczema, itching, dryness and other skin problems.
    In addition, symptoms such as pigmentation and allergy may occur due to changes in hormone secretion.

  • On the other hand, it usually takes three years for a child's skin to basically mature. Before that, the skin is very special.
    Don't be delicate, sensitive, irritable and prone to skin problems.
    Parents must take care of themselves carefully.

Influence Factor

There are many factors responsible for changing the way our skin looks and feels. Factors may include unhealthy lifestyle choices, smoking, stress, age, time, diet, or environmental pollutants. Either factor or a combination of these factors result in loss of collagen protein, inadequate hydration levels, photo damage, pigmentation, erythema, or formation of lines and wrinkles which can dramatically lead to signs of photo damage and aging skin.

Importance Of Your Regimen


Pregnant Woman

Pregnant Woman

Simple -- Daily skin care steps must be simple, do not burden the skin.

During pregnancy, Mommy is best not to wear heavy make-up, and light makeup should also be reduced, away from make-up skin care products.

The selected skin care products must be designed for pregnant women customized skin care products, its safety and gentleness can be guaranteed.

Science Weekly


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