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Some small will learn knowledge about pregnant women skin care

by:Zanyu     2020-11-04

during pregnancy, due to the rapid changes in hormone levels and metabolism of pregnant women will have some different skin problems, more prone to color of skin dark heavy, dry, skin problems such as unbalanced oil secretion. So, pregnant mother want meimei, will take a little time and effort to care for his own skin. The pregnant woman OEM skin care do you have any tips?

1, gentle cleansing

during pregnancy, the skin will be affected, always feels much worse than before pregnancy skin, face always greasy oil, looked at as if suddenly old a lot. In fact, the cleaning job more important during pregnancy, mothers want to have a good look good mood to face every day, baby will feel energetic. Can choose on the market designed for pregnant women cleaning supplies, wash a face in the morning and evening, gently remove dirt face. If itself is oily skin as well as mothers, will be more in a day to wash once or twice, at this time, wash with water.

2, keep skin nutrients

pregnancy skin fast nutrient loss, that is why my mother who gave birth to a child is older a lot of reasons, so be sure to choose a pregnant woman can use protect skin to taste, must be pure nature, and or asperse essence, hormone, heavy metals, mineral oil and chemical essence. To skin moisture loss is too big, in the morning and evening after cleaning, wipe on pregnant women dedicated moisturizing products, make skin water NenNen.

3, sleep is an effective way to protect skin

during pregnancy, because want to pay attention to all aspects of care, not to stimulate the body, so you can choose the way of OEM skin care are relatively limited, however, sleep protects skin is always more convenient to compare effective way, so, want to good skin condition, in addition to the basic nursing, expectant mothers schedules must be on time every day, don't stay up late and go to bed at 11 PM every day.

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