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Specific methods for postpartum skin care

by:Zanyu     2021-05-17
There are many mothers who want to know the specific methods of postpartum skin care. In fact, what I want to say is that there are methods, but it depends on your persistence to ensure that your skin can achieve the effect you want. I hope you can read my article carefully. The knowledge I shared is very practical in life. First of all, OEM skin care should be internally raised, from endocrine conditioning: Get up every morning on an empty stomach and drink a glass of plain water, pay attention to warm water. Don't just eat too dry food for breakfast, pay attention to the combination, and eat some fruit one hour after the meal. Drinking a cup of hot milk half an hour before going to bed will help you sleep. Take Shierkang pills every day. This is a multivitamin with no side effects on the human body. If your stomach is not good, take 21 Jinvita, two tablets a day. To eat vitamins, use cold boiled water, because hot water has a damaging effect on vitamins. Good maintenance of postpartum skin requires external care. Wash your face with a cleanser with high hydrating ingredients every day. After washing your face, use cotton dipped in toner to swat on your face. Finally, use eye cream on the eyes and moisturizer on the face Kind of skin cream for skin care.   After bathing, you can use Johnson's baby skin care lotion directly for skin care, which is more effective. Go to a beauty salon once a week and do a facial treatment: cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing, facial mask, skin cream, which are generally this beautiful common sense procedure. How do postpartum mothers take care of the skin? To maintain the skin, use top-quality soap Wash your face, wash thoroughly, and use lotion and nutritional cream. During this period, in order to breastfeed and take care of the baby, sleep is often insufficient, and the key to maintaining the skin is to get a good sleep. About 3 months after giving birth, if you are sleepy, you should not just wash your face with cold water to refresh yourself, but you should go to rest. To fully use cold cream and nutritional cream. It is best to do massage and massage once a week. Apply cosmetic agents before bathing, and then rinse slowly after bathing the baby (that is, wait for a period of time). Science has proven that the bodybuilding of the skin is closely related to the intake of various substances. If the skin does not get a rich supply of nutrients in the body, even high-level cosmetics will be difficult to make it fit. Because it is necessary to take in various nutrients from the diet to meet the needs of the skin.  ⑴Protein. Protein is an indispensable substance that constitutes body tissues, is the main component of cells, and can also be regarded as the source of life; it constitutes various nucleic acids, antibodies, and certain hormones; it can promote the growth and development of the body, supply energy to supplement the consumption of metabolism, and maintain The capillaries have normal osmotic pressure. If the protein is lacking, it will affect the growth and development, the skin is pale, dull, aged, dull, and can also show malnutrition edema.   ⑵ Lipids. Lipids are composed of fats, lipids and their derivatives, sterols. Fat can supply the body's heat and essential fatty acids, assist the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, and make the skin elastic. When it is deficient, it is prone to fat-soluble vitamin deficiency and the skin loses its elasticity.  ⑶ Sugars. Starch and sugar are sugars, also called carbohydrates. The sugar content in normal human skin is 50%-70%. Its role is to supply enough energy to the human body. Carbohydrates supply the body's heat energy, assist in the extinguishment of fats in the body, and assist in the synthesis of the body's own proteins in the body. When it is lacking, the growth and development will be slow, tired easily, and the complexion will be pale.  ⑷ Vitamins.  ①Vitamin A has the function of maintaining skin and mucous membranes, and helps the development of bones and teeth. ②Vitamin B is involved in carbohydrate metabolism. It is a coenzyme composition of pyruvate oxidative decarboxylase. It has an inhibitory effect on cholinease and can maintain normal digestive functions. A deficiency of vitamin B can cause beriberi, loss of appetite, and indigestion. is an important topic for people who love beauty in their lives. Choosing a skin care product must not only consider its efficacy, ingredients, brand, etc., but also carefully study its scope of application and shelf life. As for whether skin care OEM cosmetics can be used within the shelf life? In fact, many people have misunderstandings on this issue!    This is the importance of the shelf life of OEM cosmetics that I highlight to you. We must be within the shelf life of OEM cosmetics. After using it inside, it will cause deeper damage to our skin. I hope that what I said today can help you all. Those who like the articles in the editor can bookmark our website, and we will regularly popularize the knowledge of cosmetics for everyone.
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