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Spring skin care plan is adjusted according to skin changes

by:Zanyu     2021-06-06

   In the spring when skin allergies are frequent, all kinds of skin problems suddenly come to my door quietly. In the spring, when the sensitive pregnant muscles are rejected, how should pregnant mothers take care of their skin?

  Spring facial cleanser should be adjusted according to the change of skin texture

  The temperature rises in spring, the T zone of the sisters The secretion of oil is strong, so when choosing a facial cleanser, you should focus on choosing a facial cleanser that is rich in foam and easy to rinse. In order to avoid skin redness, acne and other symptoms, pregnant mothers should choose a mild, non-irritating rice facial cleanser with ingredients and nutrients.

  Spring toner needs gentle moisturizing

   After dipping a cleansing cotton in an appropriate amount of toner, gently wipe every detail of the face to wipe away the secretions, so that the skin will be restored to its original state. Some brilliance. It is very important to choose a lotion with a good moisturizing effect, which not only moisturizes the cutin, but also restores the normal operation of the protective layer. Rice toner, deeply moisturizing, highly moisturizing, refreshing and non-greasy.

   requires a large amount of vitamin C supplementation in spring

The large amount of vitamin C supplementation can also play a moisturizing effect. Vitamin C can be effective for skin aging due to harsh environment, high anti-acidification effect, pregnant mothers should eat more fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C nutrition.

  Keep the cuticles fresh

   Cleansing morning and evening is still the primary OEM skin care task, and then develop the habit of regularly cleaning the cuticles. If the skin tone is caused by periodic fatigue of the body, it is necessary to do the work of revitalizing the skin regularly. Rice exfoliating fat can effectively remove old dead skin cells, soften new ones, and improve skin absorption.

  Relieve dull skin tone with massage

   Really use rice series maternity OEM skin care products with massage can help the skin relieve fatigue, in addition, restore the wonderful brightness of the skin, rejuvenate and repair, and accelerate the metabolism of the skin , It is more important to improve the skin's moisturizing ability.

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