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Suitable for use in pregnant women skin care products, skin care during pregnancy

by:Zanyu     2020-11-04
Believe many pregnant mother found after pregnancy skin problem is much more serious than before, not for OEM skin care, worry not to repair the skin problems remained. So during pregnancy, pregnant mother need to pay attention to protect skin? Suitable for use in pregnant women what protects skin to taste? 1, clean: pregnancy skin is sensitive, every time should be used when washing a face, gentle cleanser without soap base, is better to choose its edible soybean milk, rice and other makeup of pregnant women, nature, cleanser and rinse water. 2, control acne: some expectant mothers during pregnancy will send blain blain, acne products generally contain hormones and other dangerous ingredients during pregnancy, pregnant women should be careful. So it can be pay attention to the choice of cleaning nature gentle OEM skin care products to recuperate. This kind of product is generally relaxed breathable, won't cause burden. 3, resistance to dry: some pregnant women during pregnancy skin cutin layer thickening, makes facial particularly dry, so choose pure nature wet nursing is the key of the daily OEM skin care products. 4, prevent spot: according to the survey, about a third of the pregnant women can produce gestation spot during pregnancy, if therefore use mercury lead product may harm the baby. Therefore, it is suggested that as far as possible use of specially designed for pregnant women to protect skin to taste to make reach water embellish skin tender and white. 5, prevent bask in: this is a need to be aware of pregnant women, pregnancy skin to be especially sensitive to light, therefore, no matter at home or go out to prevent bask in. Many people do not pay attention to prevent bask in cause of sunburn as gestation spot, the results after pregnancy how also cannot eliminate, really sorry. Second, should choose to pregnant women can use BB cream, such as pregnant women dedicated BB cream adopts pure physical sunscreen ( With titanium dioxide, zinc oxide by material drying agent) Products, have the effect. 6, the belly. Belly grain formation is mainly due to the influence of pregnancy hormones, combined with the abdomen of make the skin elastic fibers and collagen fiber damage or fracture. According to the report apple seed extract, olive oil composition such as pregnant women to protect skin to taste for belly line protection is very good.
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