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Suitable for use in pregnant women to protect skin to skin care

by:Zanyu     2020-11-05
A pregnant woman can use protect skin to taste? The problem for women in the last century, is a legend. Because, in the three cardinal guides 's, everything is in order to baby, women's position in the low to the dust, pregnant women to protect skin than ascend day also difficult. However, in today, with the rise of skin care concept and the liberation of the women's rights, pregnant women to protect skin to taste is no longer a legend. Pregnant women OEM skin care points 1, cleansing point nurse daily, which is the basis for comparison, cleansing is the first step in sooner or later will do OEM skin care. Pregnancy must choose gentle, using products such as soybean milk cleanser, even a child can use the nature of food grade ingredients and exquisite foam to remove surface oil, and can effectively supplement water, is a good choice. 2, moisturizing the point in time, fully and effectively for the skin filling water is crucial to protect skin. For dry skin of expectant mothers, pregnancy skin cutin layer will thicken, the skin will be more dry, at least once a week to do a moisturizing mask and chamfer mask, in order to maintain healthy skin metabolism, promote residual cutin fall off naturally. But when choosing products must be composition is relatively simple and gentle care product. Soybean milk silk mask can promote skin metabolism, long-lasting moisturizing, it is a good choice! 3, pox-eliminated points as the hormone secretion increased sharply, a lot of blain blain of a pregnant easily during pregnancy. Acne products currently on the market are mostly contains some active ingredients, so be careful before becoming pregnant 3 months. 4, the key points of sunscreen first have to clarify, many mothers-to-be think pregnancy appear more spots for gestation spot, gave birth to the baby will fade naturally, so long as it's not. Because mother skin is usually more fragile than before, so more vulnerable to ultraviolet light. Once go out in the sun or, failing to prevent bask in nurse, it is easy to cause difficult spots to eliminate in the future, therefore appropriately daub some not too greasy is prevented bask in a product, can very good isolation of the sun's rays. Soymilk sunscreen, specially developed for pregnant women, no stimulation, while protecting the pregnant mother and the baby's skin health.
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