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Suitable for use in pregnant women to protect skin to taste before going to bed how to protect skin

by:Zanyu     2020-10-30
Every woman want to have perfect skin, such as baby white tender smooth, pregnant mother is no exception. But because of the influence of the pregnancy, pregnant mother is easy to become lazy for skin care is not pregnant frequently. If just lazy to wash your face all day, don't do any maintenance, pregnant mother want good skin, it is impossible. Maintain skin care in, pregnant mother to deeply understand this truth, but also attaches great importance to the late maintenance of skin, the evening is a good skin care, can quickly restore water tender skin. The bed should be how to protect skin? What are suitable for use in pregnant women to protect skin to taste? Suitable for use in pregnant women to protect skin to taste before bedtime must discharge makeup pore is the window of the skin to breathe, not discharge makeup before going to sleep, sweat glands, sebaceous glands, etc. Will be OEM cosmetics jammed, lead to skin to normal metabolism, causing problems such as acne, blackhead. Skin more vulnerable during the day and night, do not discharge makeup also easily lead to cause skin allergy problems. So have makeup habits during pregnancy pregnant mother no matter how tired, bedtime must remember the makeup. Choosing makeup remover, pregnant mother to pay attention to not use discharge makeup water containing alcohol, alcohol excitant, affect pregnancy health. Pregnant mother can choose ShuYan muscle makeup water, its composition is mild without stimulation, contains the skin factor can deeply cleanse, soften blackheads and acne, meticulous pores at the same time, let the pregnant mother face clean with no residue. With hydrating effect is suitable for use in pregnant women to protect skin to choose cleanser night skin care, facial cleaning is necessary. Good clean pregnant mother skin cleanser can not only effectively, also can have the effect of moisture. According to Tmall, according to the current pregnant women skin care market, soybean milk nourish cleanser sales is better, is pregnant mother. Soybean milk nourish cleanser, choose level nature of wild soybeans, with high-end technology of high purity extraction, rich in soybean lecithin, soybean isoflavone, soybean protein hydrolysate nourishing ingredients, such as scientific collocation of sunflower seed oil, glycerin, tocopherol, such as organic composition, have better cleaning effect, protect wet strength is beyond imagination, suitable for dry skin, normal skin, mixed skin of pregnant women. Suitable for use in pregnant women to protect skin to insist to use toner before sleep. Toner is often ignored by pregnant mother's skin care products, it have a great effect to improve color of skin. The toner to maintain the PH balance of skin, and regulate cutin layer, make the skin to better absorb nutrients, to prepare for the use of maintain article. So the pregnant mother after washing a face, tie-in use soymilk toner, can achieve very good effect on secondary cleaning, instantly supply moisture, speed up the absorption behind the use of maintain article. Described above are small habit of daily skin care, but were ignored by many pregnant mother. Have pay will have harvest, skin care in and start from the daily skin care details, pregnant mother insist to use every night for pregnant women use protect skin to taste with the correct method of skin care skin, tender, fast recovery to the pregnant mother during pregnancy can also get TongLing beauty muscle.
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