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Suitable for use in pregnant women to protect skin to taste, workplace pregnant mom how to protect skin

by:Zanyu     2020-11-02
Many people know that the computer radiation should not be ignored, especially for those who are pregnant pregnant mother to face computer all day, the computer radiation is Paramount. Radiation will affect the baby development, not only for the pregnant mother's skin is very bad. So, what are the harm to the skin computer? Computers were pregnant mother how to maintain the skin? Computer radiation is very bad to the skin, sit in front of the computer for a long time, you will find that the hair and face special oil easily. Skin easy oil is only for your skin a little warning, if not handled in time will appear the skin dry, long spot, T zone long blain blain, and eye bags. Especially for pregnant women, was due to her pregnancy becomes bad skin, this time at the computer all day long gloom. So, pregnant mother to do a good job of maintenance of the skin. A computer to do skin care, pregnant mother can from the following two aspects: proper use of a computer specialist, points out that when using computer, should as far as possible away from the display, especially the myopia more should pay attention to the pregnant mother, don't let your face and display too close; Don't put the back of the main box to the people, because there are a lot of plug wire on the back, that's where the computer radiation is larger. Expectant mothers on the basis of the correct use of computer, more attention should be paid to the maintenance of the skin. Pay attention to OEM skin care 1, to do a good job of facial cleanness. After on the net every day, must remember to wash a face cleansing, plus cleansing milk thoroughly clean face with warm water, wash the electrostatic adsorption dirt all, coated with a mild OEM skin care products. Time can reduce the damage, repair damaged skin, skin colour. What is a good cleanser to pregnant women? Small make up recommend everyone soybean milk foam wash colour, it can have the effect of deep clean the skin and help pregnant women good clean face. 2, to do a good job of moisturizing the skin. Skin moisturizing emulsion and water these moisturizers, make your skin keep moist, not only against the skin to feel dry because of the radiation phenomenon, but also the equivalent of a layer of protective film formed in front of the skin, make your skin in an environment of relative. 3, to do a good job of isolation. The Internet is not fully, but for severe electromagnetic radiation or should do facial kung fu. Screen radiation produced electrostatic, more easy to absorb dust, face to face for a long time, are more likely to lead to spots and wrinkles. So might as well on the bean milk OEM skin care lotion before the Internet, combined with the soymilk segregation frost, in order to increase skin resistance. 4, to do a good job of radiation protection. Pregnant mother can place a dish of green plants in front of the computer, can help to absorb some of the computer radiation, with celestial being, cactus is beautiful. In addition, you can right amount to eat some help to prevent radiation does not harm the maternal and child health food. Such as: carrot, Chinese cabbage, bean sprouts, tofu, red dates, oranges and milk, eggs, animal liver, lean meat, etc. Also can drink some weak tea, such as green tea, is the radiation protection is better choice. Although the computer radiation can produce this or that kind of damage to the skin, but also no need to worry too much about pregnant mothers, as long as do a good job in radiation protection and skin maintains believe even in pregnancy, you are still as beautiful.
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