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Summer for pregnant women skin care: how to relieve made after repair

by:Zanyu     2020-11-19
Summer UV strong, mother pregnancy without any sun protection measures, the skin is easy to be sunburn by UV rays. As we all know, gestation, the pregnant woman OEM skin care above all, when faced with sunburn of skin redness, itching, tingling, pregnant mother what to do? A, iced water apply face after the cold water poured on cotton, let all wet cosmetic cotton, then apply on the face for a minute or two, to make up water after finish, again. Remember not to let make up cotton stay too long on the face, otherwise you will breath skin moisture. But you should pay attention to wait to cool the skin before, in order to avoid the skin temperature sudden drop, cause secondary damage of the skin. Second, use the next day hydrating mask had been basked in to repair the skin, should pay attention to timely filling skin moisture, prevent cell water in skin aging. So the next day, after sun pregnant mother nature can be selected, moderate soy milk silk mask or rice silk mask, do an intensive hydrating, inject enough hydrodynamic for the skin, improve skin texture. After three, be careful to use warm water to wash after sun can't wash a face with hot water. For sunburnt skin temperature is higher, is fragile, so after tan ban wash a face with hot water, warm water is better choice. In addition, after sun cannot use protect skin to taste, better don't use high nutrient maintain article. Of course, makeup is also absolutely forbidden. Wait for skin repair, after the completion of pregnant women pregnant mother to choose suitable to protect skin to taste, to do a good job of cleaning hydrating foundation can, never use protect skin to taste, effect so as not to stimulate the skin. In addition to the above three methods of first aid, pregnant mothers can also carry moisturizing spray, when symptoms of sunburn skin, timely sprayed with ease. But at the same time, pregnancy OEM skin care specialist also emphasizes that the skin after sunburn, corneous layer will be greatly damaged, pregnant mother well when compared to out sun protection, prevention.
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