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Summer skin care tips for pregnant mothers

by:Zanyu     2021-06-19
Pregnant women, due to changes in endocrine and physical conditions, the skin is particularly vulnerable to various injuries in summer, so pregnant mothers must pay special attention to skin care and relieve skin problems. So how should pregnant women take care of their skin in summer?


   In order to regulate body temperature, the human body mainly secretes a lot of sweat to dissipate heat in summer. Pregnant women have increased secretion of sweat glands and sebaceous glands due to the thickening of subcutaneous fat. If sweat is not smoothly excreted, they are prone to rash.

   Tips: The best way to rash is to ventilate and prevent heat, keep the skin clean, and wear ample clothes. In summer, pregnant women should change clothes frequently, take a bath frequently, and drink more drinks that dispel dampness and clear heat. If you have prickly heat, pregnant women can rub some talcum powder containing mint and borneol. In addition, once the prickly heat is caught, it will be infected and cause rash, and even symptoms such as general malaise and fever will appear. At this time, pregnant women have to go to the hospital in time if they have rash, and don't take care of them at will.

  Dry skin

   After cleansing the skin, gently tap the toner, then apply the lotion, and gently massage it. This will help maintain skin moisture and promote blood circulation in the skin. Usually drink plenty of water, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, and if necessary, take some vitamin B2 and vitamin C tablets to prevent dry and cracked skin. Expectant mothers can also place an air humidifier in the room or put a basin of water indoors.


   Many expectant mothers often experience the deterioration of their original acne during pregnancy or postpartum breastfeeding, and some even develop acne after pregnancy. This is the result of hormone stimulation of the sebaceous glands after pregnancy. Expectant mothers are more prone to oily face than usual, and pregnant women are under heavy pressure in life and work. If combined with lack of sleep or staying up late, acne will continue to appear.

   Tip: The daily OEM skin care steps of expectant mothers must be simple, and do not burden the skin. It is very important to clean your face. Remove the grease and dirt on the face, so that the pores will not be clogged, and the occurrence of acne and pimples will be greatly reduced. Mothers-to-be should choose a non-irritating facial cleanser to thoroughly cleanse the face. Do not use a facial cleanser that contains fragrance, alcohol, scrub particles or oil, otherwise it will make the facial horny thinner and less, and it will also cause facial skin. Excitement.

  Because many drugs used to treat acne are contraindicated during pregnancy, if the situation is serious, you need to seek medical assistance.

  bite dermatitis

  Because the exhalation volume of pregnant women is 21% larger than that of non-pregnant women, the moist gas and carbon dioxide exhaled are quite attractive to mosquitoes. The breath a woman exhales during pregnancy contains many different chemical substances, so pregnant women in summer can easily become the target of mosquito bites.

   Tip: In order to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes, pregnant women should try not to use mosquito coils and other chemicals to repel mosquitoes. A better way is to use mosquito nets. In addition, a few tablets of vitamin B1 are added to the body wash, its special smell can achieve the effect of repelling mosquitoes and insects. After being bitten by a mosquito, pregnant women can apply wet soap at home to the affected area, or try using a cold water wet compress, or use mint leaves or garlic to squeeze the juice on the bitten area. Many antipruritic drugs are not suitable for pregnant women. Pregnant women must read the contraindications on the instructions when using drugs.


   summer sunlight is relatively strong, pregnant women will experience pigmentation such as spots and freckles. With the increase of pregnancy time, pregnancy-induced liver spots, mainly stains, freckles, etc., will appear under the eyes. Melanocytes are not only activated by the influence of hormones. External stimuli such as ultraviolet rays will also greatly increase the number of melanocytes and the melanin produced.


   stains, freckles, pregnancy liver spots, etc. due to the influence of ultraviolet rays, if you pay attention to sunscreen, the color of the stains can be darkened to a certain extent of. When you go out in summer, you should wear a hat or open an umbrella to get direct sunlight, and apply a barrier cream to block UV damage. In addition, in order to reduce the activity of melanocytes, it is also important to get enough vitamin C.

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