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Take care of your skin and be a goddess of makeup!

by:Zanyu     2021-05-28

   In the era of face-brushing, many women who love beauty do not go out without makeup, but in fact, if you take good care of your skin, you can also be a charming goddess without makeup. So how to take care of the skin?

  Pay attention to hydrating

   Many girls will have dry skin and deposits on their faces after they are bare-faced. This is mainly caused by the lack of water in the skin. Maintain a daily intake of 8 glasses of water, and insist on a small amount of drinking, so as to continuously replenish moisture to the skin. Pay attention to the maintenance of facial OEM skin care products. It is also important to do a moisturizing mask twice a week.

  Reduce the frequency of makeup

   Many girls are used to makeup before they dare to go out, so they put on makeup every day. Repeatedly, the skin is not fully rested, and it becomes worse. So appropriately reduce the number of makeup times, get used to going out without makeup, and give the skin a vacation, so as to improve the skin quality.

  Remove make-up and clean it

   Make-up removal is not clean, leaving OEM cosmetics on the skin, causing pigment deposition on the face, resulting in skin deterioration. Therefore, you should pay more attention when removing makeup. Make-up removal for the eyes and lips should be separated, and the parts that are particularly difficult to remove need to be removed several times. After comparison, use a cleansing facial cleanser to clean it. This is the complete removal.

  Pay attention to sunscreen

   If you have poor skin, you should pay attention to sunscreen. This is because the ultraviolet rays in the sun will accelerate the aging of the skin and lead to the precipitation of melanin. Long-term activity under strong light will also promote the rapid evaporation of water in the skin, leading to dehydration and dryness of the skin. The girl should pay attention to applying sunscreen before going out. It is better to apply it half an hour in advance. Nevertheless, the girls also need to prepare sunscreen products, such as parasols.

  Refusing to stay up late

   Generally speaking, women’s skin enters the night maintenance state from 10pm to 11pm. If you stay up late for a long time, the normal circulation of the human nervous system and endocrine will be out of balance. The imbalance of the nervous system will cause our skin to appear dry, poor elasticity, dull and lack of luster, etc.; and endocrine disorders will cause problems. It makes the skin prone to acne, chloasma, acne, dark spots and other problems on the skin, especially the skin of young people. Therefore, it is better for women to go to bed at 10 o’clock in the evening, and not more than 11 o’clock late. If you can guarantee a deep sleep at 10-0 o’clock every day, it’s better! Because the skin can be obtained during this time. Big fix!

  A little secret: drinking a cup of honey before going to bed is good for your skin!

  Pay attention to exercise

  Due to the pressure of daily life The skin of the sisters is very prone to fatigue muscles, and sweating during exercise is a phenomenon of detoxification, and it can also relax the mood. This is also a way to develop good skin!

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