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Teach you how to make DIY cosmetics

by:Zanyu     2021-04-26
The hot summer has arrived, and the greasy feeling has returned to our faces. Our skin has begun to protest. How should we take care of it? Many people choose appropriate cosmetics to care for damaged skin, but not all people trust OEM cosmetics, so now I will teach you affordable and safe DIY OEM cosmetics. 1. Ice cubes shrink pores. The ice cubes in the refrigerator can not only be used to cool down delicious fruit drinks, but also for beauty. Take an ice cube and slide it back and forth on the face, not only can make the skin feel cool and refreshing, effectively shrink the pores, but also promote blood circulation while sliding, so that the skin can absorb more nutrients. 2. Potato slices for removing scars Potatoes are rich in starch. Cut the potatoes into thin slices and apply them on the face, which can effectively remove scars, diminish stains, and make the skin white and smoother. 3. Honey moisturizer Honey is rich in nutrients, but good things are not only the mouth can enjoy, the skin also needs the nourishment of honey. Apply honey to the face, and the skin will become delicate and shiny after only a week. 4. Fruit oil control The most difficult thing to deal with in summer is that the skin produces a lot of oil. The greasy ones not only remove makeup, but also absorb various dust and dirt, causing clogged pores and forming acne. Tangerine fruits have a refreshing and oil-controlling effect. They can be squeezed into juice or sliced u200bu200band applied to the face. The oiliness disappears and the skin becomes clean and refreshed. Summer is coming in a hurry, the OEM cosmetics market is swelling instantly, well-known cosmetics oem processing manufacturers are also closely processing, Guangzhou is also expanding the market, if you want to find high-quality cosmetics manufacturers, please go to Guangzhou, trustworthy 15918819177
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