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Technological innovation is the only way out for cosmetics manufacturers

by:Zanyu     2021-04-28
Nowadays, the competition in the cosmetics market is becoming more and more fierce. In the past, everyone used design and packaging materials. The cost of packaging materials was higher than the cost of internal materials. Only technological innovation is the only way for Guangzhou cosmetics factory to survive and develop. The Chinese market is too big, and indeed a small category can make a successful company. The channels of cosmetics in China are undergoing tremendous changes. In the past, the main channels of OEM cosmetics in China were KA supermarkets and department stores. Later, OEM cosmetics specialty stores were added, showing three major channels. In the past two years, China has added another e-commerce channel. This year, China has rapidly developed WeChat marketing channels.  The natural concept of herbs and plants continues to be popular. At present, the most popular concept in China is the natural concept. The other developed local economies that I know of, the high-tech concept and the concept of cosmeceuticals are still doing very well. At present, the most popular concept in China is the natural concept. I personally think that in the next three to five years, natural products will still dominate the Chinese OEM cosmetics market. Moreover, some small companies and small brands have the opportunity to stand out from the natural products. Including Ziyuan wash and protect water, in fact it is a natural concept.   The facial mask category is developing rapidly, but the problem of sustainable development is also prominent. First, I think the Chinese facial mask market will not have much room for growth. Second, for a single mask brand, I predict that the second will decline, and many brands will even be out soon. Third, the facial masks of excellent OEM skin care brands will see rapid growth in the future. The    cosmetics sector will have a lot of room for development in China in the future. I just went to an exhibition in Japan two days ago. I have been cooperating with Korea for many years, and I often run in Europe. China will definitely soon all women will make up. So this section will have a lot of room for growth, and this section Many people dare not start, because China's Ru0026D and production talents are particularly scarce, so if I think I still want to work in Chinese cosmetics in the future, especially new companies, I should have a very big opportunity to enter from this area.  BB cream is already very hot this year, and it will be even hotter next year. According to information, in the past three years, the share of BB cream in facial makeup has exceeded 25%, and the sales volume has increased by more than 90% year-on-year.   AC Nielsen data show that from April 2013 to March 2014, sales of men's skin care products reached RMB 4.83 billion, accounting for 11% of the market share of the three major OEM skin care products. There is indeed a lot of room for men's skin care products in China, but I don't see where the breakthrough is. At present, most of the raw materials in the Chinese cosmetics market are produced and provided by well-known foreign raw material companies. In terms of cosmetic raw materials, China and the world have basically synchronized. In the past, it was said that Huanya got a raw material from France, and it seemed like a big face for you to use it for the world premiere. Now Huanya has become a strategic partner with many international raw material companies. And it's not just the first time, we are already cooperating when they are developing the raw materials. Domestic companies in China all hope to find a unique raw material in China’s traditional Chinese medicine, plants and other fields. At present, it is a bit difficult in this regard, or may lag behind internationally, but Chinese companies are still increasing investment and developing new materials. The raw materials of traditional Chinese medicine with Chinese characteristics are used to satisfy consumers' demand for natural products while ensuring their safety and efficacy. For example, the Chinese prescription of Meifubao. In terms of Ru0026D, Chinese companies are now desperately increasing Ru0026D investment, which can basically be understood as three areas of Ru0026D: 1. Source raw materials and innovation, or patents. Chinese companies currently hope to get something in this area. , But obviously lags behind the large international companies. 2. The formula is basically synchronized with the international. Because various companies, such as Uniasia cooperate with Ru0026D institutions in many countries such as Japan, South Korea, France, etc., and Uniasia has international raw material suppliers every week to promote current international fashion trends and changing technologies to our research institutes. Therefore, the research and development of Chinese companies in this area is basically synchronized with the international ones. 3. Safety and efficacy evaluation. The product safety standards of domestic first-line brand research institutes even exceed those of international brands.
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