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Ten years old in one pregnancy? How to take care of the skin during pregnancy

by:Zanyu     2021-07-07
Many people think that for pregnant women, they are more genius, so many women who are usually keen on maintenance will give up any maintenance after becoming a mother-to-be with a mentality of temporary sacrifice. This concept is not correct. For pregnant women, maintenance during pregnancy is actually more important than usual. During pregnancy, with the increase of estrogen and progesterone as the months increase, the secretion of sebaceous steroids in the skin will also increase, which will bring a series of effects on the skin, and many of these effects are irreversible, and only timely care Can alleviate and avoid causing a series of skin damage. In the case, a mother-to-be had to ask a doctor for help because she hadn't done any skin care after pregnancy, but she had acne on her face.     At the same time, most women are now pregnant after the age of 25. At this time, the skin itself has begun to go downhill. If you don't take care of it during pregnancy, the skin condition can easily take advantage of this opportunity. Studies have shown that pregnancy will accelerate the aging of women’s skin for 10 to 13 years.     Although expectant mothers must also take care, this does not mean that everything can be done by continuing the pre-pregnancy care. For mothers-to-be, skin care should be the first, based on the principles of moisturizing, nutrition, protection, and repair. The main steps are cleaning, moisturizing, and isolation protection to keep the skin as clean and comfortable as possible. , Can help metabolism.     At the same time, expectant mothers should take care of skin changes in different periods. In the early stages of pregnancy, the skin is often sensitive and fragile. Therefore, maintenance should be based on the principle of anti-sensitization. Try not to use irritating skin care products. Choose skin care products that pregnant women can use, such as soy milk series skin care products, which are made from natural soybeans. , Rice, etc. The products are mild and guaranteed. In the second trimester of pregnancy, the skin often becomes dry, prone to acne and stains. At this time, moisturizing should be the main method, such as the soy milk moisturizing six-piece series. In the third trimester, belly lines are often prone to occur. At this time, maintenance needs to be paid special attention. For skin repair, you can choose the apple seed to protect belly wrinkles series.     But functional maintenance such as whitening, anti-wrinkle, and acne removal is better not to be carried out during pregnancy. Because most of the irritating ingredients such as salicylic acid and fruit acid in whitening products, it is easy to cause sensitivity to the mother's fragile skin. Some of the active ingredients in anti-wrinkle and firming products contain hormones, which may have an adverse effect on the fetus. The retinoic acid (tretinoin) contained in some anti-acne products has been shown to have teratogenic effects on infants, so it should be avoided in particular. In addition, mothers-to-be should also use caution with products containing essential oils. Some anti-allergic skin care products containing steroids should also be avoided as far as possible.
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