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Terrible pregnancy skin itching during pregnancy is a fetal danger signal

by:Zanyu     2021-06-17

   Pregnancy in October, as the fetus grows up day by day, expectant mothers also have a series of physical changes: belly bulge, slow movements, swelling of hands and feet, itchy belly... Faced with these changes, immersed in the joy of being a mother Mothers-to-be can accept it with confidence. However, the commissioner pointed out that although most of the above phenomena are normal, the itching of the skin of some pregnant women is caused by diseases and should be paid attention to.

   After seven or eight months of pregnancy, the whole body suddenly started to feel itchy, hands, feet, stomach, legs, back... a piece of redness was scratched, especially at night, and healed naturally within a week after giving birth. Some pregnant women This kind of strange disease occurs in the middle and late stages of pregnancy. Recently, Ms. Zhou, who was pregnant for nearly 8 months, encountered such troubles. Originally, she thought it was just ordinary skin inflammation or allergies, but the results of the examination were shocked. It turned out that she was suffering from intrahepatic cholestasis during pregnancy.

The harm of    cholestasis of pregnancy should not be underestimated

   Skin itching and rash caused by cholestasis of pregnancy can make pregnant mothers feel irritable, poor sleep at night, loss of appetite and disturbance of work and rest time, and Affect the absorption of vitamin K, cause abnormal coagulation function of pregnant women and postpartum hemorrhage. The toxic effects of increased bilirubin and cholic acid in pregnant women on the fetus and placenta can cause premature delivery, intrauterine distress, and stunted growth. In severe cases, stillbirth and stillbirth may occur without warning. For those with mild symptoms, skin itching and yellowing of the skin and sclera will disappear after delivery or termination of pregnancy. However, if the pregnant woman becomes pregnant again, the same symptoms may also occur. Therefore, timely diagnosis and treatment of this disease is of great significance to protect the health of mothers and babies.

  fetal monitoring is extremely important

   For this, pregnant mothers should appropriately increase the frequency of prenatal checkups under the guidance of a doctor to keep abreast of the fetal conditions in the uterus. In addition, pregnant mothers can monitor their own fetal movements by self-testing the number of fetal movements, learn the correct method of counting fetal movements, and try to count fetal movements at a fixed time and in the same position every day. Once abnormal fetal movement is found, including the frequency of fetal movement is significantly less than usual or particularly frequent, you need to go to the hospital for further examination immediately. Pregnant mothers can receive drug treatment under the guidance of a doctor. If the pregnancy has exceeded 32 weeks, it is better to be hospitalized for observation. Monitoring can be carried out through a fetal monitor, measuring fetal maturity, and measuring placental function.

  How can pregnant women relieve skin itching?

  1, hydrate. During pregnancy, the human body's demand for water is greatly increased. If water is not replenished in time, it is prone to water-deficient itching. In response to this situation, pregnant mothers should drink plenty of water and eat more fruits. In addition, pregnant mothers should also pay attention to skin hydration, and choose moisturizing products for pregnant women according to skin type, such as soy milk OEM skin care products under the OEM skin care brand of pregnant women. Nature is gentle and non-irritating, and can keep the skin moisturized.

  2, simultaneous prevention of belly lines and itching. With the appearance of belly wrinkles, itching also follows, so to deal with skin itching, preventing belly wrinkles is the key. Pregnant mothers should use apple seed belly line massage milk at the beginning of pregnancy to moisturize the skin of the abdomen to maintain elasticity and slow down the degree of skin stretch, so as to achieve an effective treatment of itching.

  3, stay away from germs and allergens. The cause of itchy skin during pregnancy may also be exposure to germs or allergens. Therefore, it is better for pregnant mothers to choose pure cotton and breathable maternity clothes and maternity underwear to keep the clothes tidy and away from germs and allergens.

  4. Pay attention to the bathing method. Bathing frequently and using shower gels that are too alkaline will reduce sebum, destroy the protective layer of the skin, and cause dryness and damage to the skin. It is recommended that pregnant mothers use natural gentle soy milk shower gel. In addition, the bathing time should not be too long, and once itching occurs, pay attention to the water temperature when taking a bath, because the water temperature is too high, the more itching will become more serious.

   If the itching symptoms are severe, pregnant mothers should attach great importance to them, go to the hospital as soon as possible, and do not use drugs without authorization.

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