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The better effect of pregnant women to develop skin moisturizer

by:Zanyu     2020-11-13

moisturizing emulsion with excellent moisturizing hydrating effect become pregnant women OEM skin care necessary sheet is tasted, in after using the skin toner, apply moisturizing lotion, can firmly lock the skin moisture inside. brand remind all pregnant women during pregnancy, moisturizing lotion if you use the wrong method, OEM skin care effect will sell at a discount greatly. Wanting a pregnant mother might as well to see, pregnant women to develop skin moisturizing lotion is good effect, make skin lock water embellish and luster.

with stomach power daub

many pregnant mother apply moisturizing lotion is done with the palm, daub actually this method is wrong. Hands are easily infected with bacteria that will protect wet latex into the palm, and then apply to face, so the bacteria will hand together into the facial skin, also wasted a certain amount of moisturizer. Pregnant mother when daub soymilk moisturizer, need some on the fingers of the stomach, to borrow the power of the stomach massage skin, promote skin absorption, with stomach daub, the skin absorb better, also feel more comfortable.

order to daub points successively

in the use of the emulsion, which should be followed where dry daub first order, in the absence of the use of eye cream, put the eyes, followed by two buccal, side of the mouth and jaws, besmear again after these parts with a full face, such doing can get double moisten dry areas.

the skin dry more usage

at ordinary times when in water not dry skin, protect wet latex usage does not need too much, do a good job in basic moisturizing hydrating care. But, if you feel very dry skin coarse, by this time show that skin lacks water, you need to apply more moisturizing lotion, increase usage, and to make skin more moisture and nutrition, better lock in moisture, make skin water embellish.

the neck skin can not be ignored

many mom was in cream, daub is just a small face, and often easy to ignore the neck, less quantity of the neck skin grease is secreted, therefore also need to add grease and moisture, recommend every time cream, shundaizhao neck skin also apply together, this can moisturize the neck skin, avoid the occurrence of neck lines.

moisture is the key of the pregnant women OEM skin care, so pregnant women should choose gentle nature protect skin to taste for maintenance. Makeup edible food grade quality production of soybean milk moisturizing lotion, rich in soymilk hydrating essence, nature can promote pregnancy muscle absorb nourishment essence, let pregnant mother in dry weather still can keep the water embellish beauty muscle. Soymilk moisturizing series as a trump card products, for many years to create a myth sales, has never pregnant mother loved and respected.

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