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The big temperature difference between indoor and outdoor in winter how to relieve redness of pregnant muscles winter skin care

by:Zanyu     2021-07-05
The cold winter is approaching, and the skin of pregnant mothers suffers multiple challenges from moisture shortage and skin sensitivity. Especially the indoor temperature difference is large. After pregnant mothers go out and go home, the skin is prone to redness and hotness. How to relieve and avoid skin redness caused by a large temperature difference?    1. What should I do if the skin redness in a room with a large temperature difference? If your stratum corneum is thin and the water content is low, at this time, if you encounter a large temperature difference, it will become ubiquitous Red sensitive. At this time, choose a bottle of moisturizer for pregnant women that calms and hydrates the skin. Don't forget to match it with a moisturizing and moisturizing cream for pregnant women to ensure that the skin does not lose moisture.  2. What should I do if I apply a thick moisturizer but it is still dry? If it is still not absorbed, it is actually because the stratum corneum is too thick, which is related to age and skin care products. There is a way to share with you, in the bath, use the natural steam in the bathroom to apply, which can more deeply unclog the pores. If it is due to the problem of slow skin metabolism due to age, it is recommended to choose a small molecule special muscle foundation for pregnant women, so that the penetration will increase and the skin care products can be properly absorbed.  3. What should I do if my sensitive skin gets worse? If your skin gets more sensitive, you can use Ying's special moisturizing and hydrating mask, take it off in 15-20 minutes, and you can fall asleep after fully absorbed. After the skin condition has improved, you can add more creams. 4. What should I do if my lips are dry and cracked indoors and outdoors? First, apply a hot towel to the lips for 3 minutes, then take an appropriate amount of white sugar and apply it evenly on the lips, and gently massage with the fingers of your fingers. It is completely melted, and then rinsed with water, and after comparison, apply lip balm. The night is when the skin is easier to absorb moisture and nutrients, and the lips are also easier to dry at night. Especially when the heating is turned on in the room. Apply a thick layer of lip balm for pregnant women before going to bed, as if putting a protective film on the lips, and they will be watery when they wake up the next day.   During pregnancy, the skin's aging speed accelerates, but the metabolism speed is greatly slowed down. If you want to avoid all kinds of skin sensitivity problems, it is the key to do daily maintenance and care.
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