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The commissioner of the mask oem manufacturer tells you how to clean up oily skin?

by:Zanyu     2021-06-30
Due to genetics and sex hormones, some people's skin secretes more sebum, has large pores, and is prone to acne and acne. This kind of skin is oily skin. However, the reason for the oil is due to lack of water in the face, which leads to an imbalance of water and oil on the face. In order to achieve a water and oil balance, part of the oil needs to be removed when the skin is lack of water. The easiest place to get oil is the T-shaped part. In this case, how to clean up oily skin is a crucial thing? The commissioner of the mask oem manufacturer tells you. Cleaning up oily skin is not a simple matter, but oily skin also has advantages: it is not sensitive and can maintain 'youngness' for a long time. With age, the secretion of oil will gradually decrease, and some people will even turn into neutral skin. The skin is prone to oil, it is easy to adhere to dirt, resulting in clogged pores and lead to acne or acne. So cleaning is the most important, but the water temperature should not be too high, the skin cleansing temperature should be between 20--30 degrees. , Use foam cleanser to clean, but its cleansing power is strong, the skin is easy to dry, and most of the oily skin is oily and dehydrated skin, so after washing, be sure to take a toner and apply a facial mask to replenish moisture. A face-lifting mask is professionally hydrating. Eat less spicy, greasy and other irritating foods daily. Keep your life regular and avoid staying up late. In addition, pay more attention to gastrointestinal maintenance to prevent constipation.
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