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The core competitiveness of cosmetics OEM and the marketing of beauty salons

by:Zanyu     2021-05-14
With economic development, the division of labor in society has become increasingly subtle. Professionals do professional things, just like: Apple, led by Jobs, only does development and design, while Foxconn concentrates on the production and processing of products for major companies. There is a question in this case: Is Apple unable to do a good job in production? Or is Foxconn unable to make its own products and brands? Please add the answer by yourself Today we talk about OEM cosmetics processing, the core competitiveness of OEM cosmetics manufacturers. As a professional cosmetics processing factory, its core competitiveness should be reflected in the following aspects: 1. Factory hard power: The so-called hard power is well known as the factory environment and hardware equipment. This is a direct manifestation (not absolute) of the economic strength of a OEM cosmetics processing factory. This aspect is actually easy to see. The majority of businesses are also following this most direct method-inspecting the factory. 2. Service attitude of company personnel: the so-called attitude is everything! If a company pays 100% effort and attention to your customer, what you get will far exceed what the OEM processing company could originally provide. Therefore, this is separately listed as a standard for considering the core competitiveness of manufacturers. When choosing a spouse, people usually don’t say: Choose the person you like instead of choosing someone who is good to you? The whole story is just the same, let's think about it. 3. The soft power of the processing plant: Soft power is actually a comprehensive term in many aspects. Here, it mainly refers to the formula development capability of the cosmetic OEM processing plant, that is, the technical level. The OEM cosmetics industry is a traditional light industry, applied science. Therefore, the improvement of the technical level needs to invest a lot of time and energy in the application debugging test based on the rich raw material chemistry theory, so as to produce higher-level formula products. 4. The personality and mentality of the boss of the cosmetics processing factory: The quality of OEM skin care products mainly depends on the quality of raw materials, dosage, formula matching and production control. With the same conditions and different attitudes, the output products vary greatly. There are products, technology, management, marketing... In addition, it is also very important to do a good job in the marketing of beauty salons. The three methods of how to quickly increase the turnover of beauty salons are the backing of our management. As the leading brand of beauty management, it has more than 10 years of experience and experience in the beauty industry, a dedicated and practical team, and its own unique advantages based on the beauty market-special products, special projects, special equipment... in the competition In such a fierce market, as a leader in the beauty industry, we continue to develop more winning marketing ideas for ourselves, in order to let more friends who love the beauty industry, and in order to enable those entrepreneurs who devote themselves to the beauty industry to be in the beauty market. It takes the lead in the market, proposing marketing services such as promotional activities, education and training, advertising support, customer service, e-commerce, product development updates, telephone marketing, and loyalty marketing. Think about what the store thinks, do what the store does, and interact with every entrepreneur Create wealth together.
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