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The correct use of hand sanitizer?

by:Zanyu     2020-10-11
Hand sanitizer is a clean hand skin cleaning fluid, some specific ingredients can have the effect of disinfection and sterilization, can be divided into common type, disinfection, heavy oil hand sanitizer. In the chemistry of hand sanitizer may stimulate the hand skin easy to people who are allergic to the skin is not suitable for use, suggested after washing hand cream, the general situation is harmless.

the use of hand sanitizer method with clear water full moisture hands first, apply adequate amount to the hand sanitizer fully knead in the palm hands at least 30 seconds, in the process should pay attention to rub to the fingers, fingers, and let each part of the foam can cover the whole hand. Rinse clean with water after rub it. Finally, pay attention to the dry with a clean towel or paper towel to dry, it is best not to dry, because the surface water of rapid evaporation can lead to skin water loss, caused by dry skin, become coarse.

today, many public places such as restaurants, shopping malls, toilet bathroom provides free hand sanitizer, convenience also make people question: these free hand sanitizer can harm the skin? In fact, even the namesake fizzy home buying hand sanitizer may appear bacteria, such as poor emulsification effect quality problem, at present, our country did not promulgated on hand sanitizer products production and inspection of the national standards or industry standards. Before a formal standard has not been issued, hand sanitizer standard are produced by each business enterprise standards, and approved by the competent departments of Standardization Administration for the record, and then used as the basis for the production and sales. Due to the enterprise standard do not have mandatory and universality, the quality situation of hand sanitizer completely depends on the strict production requirements of 'self' or not.

the choose and buy of hand sanitizer as consumers, hand sanitizer when the choose and buy, should pay attention to the following:

1, see if hand sanitizer label content is complete, such as no producer name and address, the hygiene license '3 without' product, don't buy. If it is a resistance, antibacterial hand sanitizer, also marked on the label of antimicrobial or bacteriostatic composition and content. According to the need to select different kinds of hand sanitizer.

2, observe whether the packing is in good condition, handwriting on packaging bottle printing is clear, the pump head is strong. Hand sanitizer is commonly by squeezing the pump head out of the liquid, if the poor quality of packaging will be out in the process of using liquid or liquid leakage, inconvenience and waste.

3, pay attention to the hand sanitizer itself, smell stink, pungent odor, etc. If you have could be a shelf-life disabled or is the use of the raw material, it is best not to buy and use. Observing presence of layered or oil-water separation phenomenon, such as have indicates emulsification process without good control during the production, will affect the washing effect.

4, want to normal market, the supermarket to buy, these business units be stable supply channels, have relatively strict stock control system.

5, the choose and buy brand hand sanitizer. Choose a brand to choose formal hand sanitizer, quality guaranteed.

6, no matter which kind of liquid soap, it is best to run out in the period of validity, especially ordinary hand sanitizer, if used for a long time, hand sanitizer itself can grow bacteria and lead to 'the wash the dirty washing hands.
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